EastEnders FIRST LOOK: Next week’s spoilers in 10 pictures

A special episode exposes Ben's hearing struggles

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EastEnders next week airs a special episode surrounding Ben Mitchell and his hearing struggles.

As the day of the job arrives, Ben ends up in serious danger…

Meanwhile, Karen prepares to leave, and Max annoys Ruby.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

1. Ben exposes Lola

Ben is distracted when he spots Peter and Lola together. He tries to question Lola, but Jay quickly steps in.

Later, Ben wants answers from Lola and as she desperately tries to defend herself, will Ben listen?

Jay reveals Lola had an abortion and said Ben was the reason.

Ben rages at Lola again and drags her outside where he forces her to admit she slept with Peter.

After some harsh words, Ben heads off to the Prince Albert to get drunk.

2. Phil ditches Ben from the job

Phil and Ben run through the details of the job, but Ben struggles to hear and Phil gets frustrated.

Ben then reveals he’s bought a gun to his stunned dad. It’s the final straw and Phil tells Ben he’s off the job.

3. The job goes wrong

Ben is suspicious when he sees a van following Danny and Phil as they head off on the job.

He steals Gray’s car, changes the number plate, and rushes to the warehouse. But the situation soon spirals out of control for Ben when he has a gun pointed at him.

Ben then makes an alarming discovery, but can he get to Phil in time?

4. Karen prepares to leave

It’s moving day for Karen and Sharon is conflicted.

Billy is also sad, but he’s concerned that Sharon is doing the wrong thing. He shares some difficult home truths with Sharon about Kayden.

Will she change her mind about giving up her son?

5. Keegan plans to leave

Keegan talks to his mum as she’s packing and asks to move away with her.

Will Karen agree?

Meanwhile, Tiffany gets advice from Denise on her relationship.

Feeling happier, she tells Keegan she’s his wife and she loves him. Will he reveal his plans to leave Walford?

6. Max and Ruby’s relationship in trouble

With Ruby moving into No.43, Jack offers Max some relationship advice. Ruby and Martin flirt, angering Max.

Worried he’s losing her, Max decides to prove himself. In the club, he pulls Vinny up on dealing laughing gas.

Ruby steps in, but will she be on Max’s side?

7. Callum bonds with Sharon

Callum is worried about Ben. He seeks support about dating a Mitchell from someone who knows the reality only too well…

Sharon talks to him about life with the notorious clan, but Callum is frustrated when she tells him to turn a blind eye to their dodgy dealings.

Can Callum really do that?

EastEnders airs Monday at 8pm and Tuesday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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