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EastEnders fans torn as Karen Taylor and Billy Mitchell get it on

Are you on board the love train?

Karen Taylor and Billy Mitchell got it ON last night, and some EastEnders fans are totally behind the new coupling.

Others, however, are desperately hoping Billy will reunite with Honey now she is single again.

Karen Billy Honey
Honey caught Karen and Billy in a post-coital state (Credit: BBC)

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On Thursday (December 5), Honey arrived at Billy’s house hoping she could move in after very publicly dumping cheat Adam.

The shop assistant – played by actress and current Strictly star Emma Barton – found Billy breathless and hurriedly buttoning up his shirt.

Billy and Karen are new couple goals.

When Honey asked Billy if he was alright because he seemed “flustered”, he clearly looked uncomfortable before saying: “I just wasn’t expecting you, that’s all. Been a bit busy. Everything alright?”

Karen Billy Honey
Awks, much? (Credit: BBC)

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Honey replied: “You haven’t heard, have you? I finished with Adam, in front of half the Square.

“Then I may have assaulted him a little bit. Well more than a little bit, quite a lot actually.

“Iqra said I’m harder than I look apparently, so obviously that means we obviously don’t have anywhere to stay if you could tide us over.”

Does Honey want a reconciliation? (Credit: ITV)

As Billy told her she could stay with him as long as she liked, he added: “I know it doesn’t mean we’re getting back together so there are no expectations.”

As the pair hugged, Karen came down the stairs in Billy’s West Ham dressing gown and Honey realised what was going on…

Those watching from home were shattered for Honey, believing she had hoped for a reconciliation with her ex.

But others want Billy to stay with Karen and think they are “iconic”, insisting that Honey hasn’t exactly been kind to Billy…

One declared Karen and Billy “the worst and funniest couple ever”, and another said: “Honey can’t just pick Billy up again when it suits her.”

A third added: “Let’s not forget how badly Honey treated Billy, including parading Adam in and out of that house at all hours. I hope Billy finds better. #EastEnders.”

“Karen has a good heart and remember Honey is a bit of a snob. It probably will not last, but I think Billy and Karen have chemistry,” said one more, while another added: “Billy and Karen are iconic.”


Others just want Honey and Billy back together – and quick – with one tweeting: “I like you Karen, but please can you leave Honey and Billy to it.”

Another said: “The only person who has ever/will ever be right for Honey is Billy.”

A third wrote: “Why did they have to put Billy and Karen together? Poor Honey! #EastEnders.”

“Billy and Honey get back together please,” begged one more.

Will any of the singletons get their happy ending this Christmas?

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