EastEnders fans spot error in hilarious and “iconic” Sharon and Keanu scenes

Errrr, they aren't being too careful!

Sharon Mitchell and Keanu Taylor have every reason to be worried right now.

The secret lovers have been discovered and are currently being blackmailed by a mysterious person, who has incriminating footage of them together…

Sharon Keanu affair exposed
They can’t keep their hands off each other! (Credit: BBC)

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And we all know what Sharon’s husband Phil would do to Keanu – and probably Sharon, too – if he found out about the affair.


In surprisingly hilarious scenes last night (Tuesday 16 October), the pair discussed who could be sending them the sinister messages.

Sheanu have been getting messages from a sinister source (Credit: BBC)

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As the blackmailer continued to threaten to blow their secret apart, Sharon listed the people who might have a vendetta against her.

And the list was quite long!

Standing at the window of her flat, she looked down at Rainie and said: “She got Phil hooked on crack once.”

Seeing the Slaters next, the pair wondered if Kat or Mo could be capable, saying: “Jack told me that’s how she does her psychic stuff – recording people.”

Sharon and Keanu discuss their blackmailer
Sharon and Keanu indulge in a spot of window watching (Credit: BBC)

“Butter-wouldn’t-melt” Sonia was also on the list, as Sharon said: “She pushed me in a pool of water once, in front of everyone.”

She continued with Max, adding: “What about Max? Maybe he blames me for him being inside.”

Meanwhile, Shirley “hates Sharon’s guts” and “shot Phil on my wedding day”, while Kathy and Mel were also in the frame.

Finally Sharon conceded “it could be anyone”.

Sharon and Keanu discuss their blackmailer
Secretive talks… In front of a window! (Credit: BBC)

Viewers found the scenes hilarious, while some noticed something especially odd about the ‘clandestine’ conversation – they were having it in front of a window for everyone to see!

One fan joked: “#Eastenders looks more suspicious that Sharon and keanu are standing by a window together alone…”

Another said: “That scene with Sharon and Keanu standing at the window evaluating the square residents and how awful they all are was iconic #Eastenders.”

A third asked: “So Sharon and Keanu are being blackmailed but the two of them will stand in the window n look at the rest of the street. Really?”

Others called the scene “great” and “fabulous”.

Prime suspects for the blackmailer – who weren’t on Sharon’s list – include Louise Mitchell, Dennis Rickman, Hunter Owen, Bernadette Taylor, Keegan Baker, Tiffany Butcher and Hayley Slater.

And, of course, resident Walford menace Phil.

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