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Saturday 11th July 2020

EastEnders fans spot 'clue' that Chantelle will murder abuser Gray

Will she snap?

Chantelle Atkins showed her inner strength last night, when she stood up to her abusive husband Gray in EastEnders.

In scenes that left some viewers nervous, the hairdresser refused to bow down to the bully and told him she didn't want another child with him "until he sorted himself out".

Chantelle bravely stood up to her abusive husband Gray (Credit: BBC)

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On Thursday night (November 21), Chantelle and Gray shared some extremely tense scenes when she dared to defy his wishes.

I would say that was a clue there tonight. I will never leave you means I will murder you though.

Dressed like a queen, the stunning mum-of-two put her lippy on as she prepared for a night out with Whitney...

When Gray menacingly asked her what time she was coming home, she shot back: "I've got a key."

Did Chantelle feel braver because her mum was there? (Credit: BBC)

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Just before she left the house, Chantelle said out of her mum's earshot: "Until you sort yourself out, there is no way we are having another baby."

Viewers know that Chantelle recently suffered a devastating miscarriage after being punched in the stomach by her vile husband.

And, as many fear that Gray might kill Chantelle during one of his savage attacks, some EastEnders fans have spotted a telltale 'clue' that it will be the other way around.

How much more can Chantelle endure? (Credit: BBC)

During one scene, Chantelle told Gray she "would never leave him" which left some viewers speculating about her exact meaning...

Writing on EastEnders Spoilers, News and Gossip Facebook group one said: "I would say that was a clue there tonight. I will never leave you means I will murder you though."

Another agreed, saying: "I thought the exact same, she's going to kill him!!!!"

A third added: "I think she's got a plan. Remember Little Mo and Trevor? It's only a matter of time..."

Gray watched Chantelle through the blinds as she walked away for a night out (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders viewers have watched in horror over the past year as Gray has repeatedly turned violent towards his long-suffering wife.

After punching his wife in the stomach, and ultimately causing her to lose her baby, Gray vowed to have therapy but fans weren't convinced he was committed to change.

Fed up of being scared of him, Chantelle has been growing in courage - but will she speak out before someone gets killed?

Long-term Easties fans will remember that Little Mo reached the end of her tether, and attacked her violent rapist husband Trevor with an iron.

He deserved it (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders boss Kate Oates revealed that the Chantelle/Gray storyline is due to take a turn for the worse.

She said "We've got great stuff for Chantelle and Gray. That storyline will be continuing EastEnders' tradition of stories which explore really important issues. We're going to be pushing that story."

She added: "We've been building it quite gently very deliberately and building the sort of public - by which I mean the Square - the public perception of the kind of man Gray is and the kind of marriage that they have, so we'll be exploring that."

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