Alfie Moon on the run

EastEnders fans ridicule Alfie Moon storyline as Phil helps him escape

Fans have called out huge plot holes...

EastEnders fans are still struggling to get behind Alfie Moon’s current storyline, after he fell down a flight of stairs, played dead, abducted his daughter Cherry and now plans to go on the run…

Okay, we have to admit, it IS far fetched even by soap standards!

Phil gives Alfie new passports
Phil gives Alfie new passports, but will he use them? (Credit: BBC)

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In scenes which BBC viewers found totally baffling last night (Thursday 27 December), Alfie was revealed to be hiding in a car with baby Cherry and planning to flee to Spain.

But loyal soap fans had SO many questions about Alfie’s storyline – like, since when did putting on a black cap become a cunning disguise?

And, perhaps more intriguing, why did the fledging funeral director have absolutely NO injuries after falling down a flight of stairs and banging his head at the bottom?

EastEnders' Alfie Moon killed by Hayley Slater in Christmas shock
Alfie’s fate on Christmas Day lay at the bottom of a flight of stairs (Credit: BBC)

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Scenes surrounding Alfie’s dramatic escape after the accidental fall have already been branded “the worst episode ever” in EastEnders history…

And fans remained unconvinced last night as Alfie sought help from Albert Square villain Phil Mitchell to leave Walford.

Alfie was parked in an alleyway trying to look inconspicuous – fail! – when Phil arrived to hand over two phoney passports for Alfie and Cherry.

Alfie Moon on the run
Those fluffy dice are nice and inconspicuous Alfie… (Credit: BBC)

Even Phil thought Alfie’s idea to run away back to Spain was daft, saying: “Kids need family. Not a life on the run. This ain’t you.”

After receiving a phone call from Kat imploring him to return and revealing they hadn’t called the police, Alfie seemed conflicted.

Will he disappear with Cherry? And what about his other kids?

Baby Cherry EastEnders
Cherry was just wondering where her next bottle of milk was coming from (Credit: BBC)

Viewers were quick to voice their opinions on the “lack of realism”, with many blasting the soap’s scriptwriters for Alfie’s miraculous recovery.

One said: “After all that drama last night and Alfie’s head bouncing off the firewood, we could’ve at least had him in a coma. Alfie was that aware to get fresh clothes and contact Phil for help? Nawww!”

Another added: “One minute Alfie is ‘dead’ next minute he’s stealing a baby. Eastenders hot on the realism #eastenders.”

A third mocked: “Oh hello Alfie. No lasting head injuries?”

“So @bbceastenders Alfie hit his head on a log. There’s a big pool of blood yet he still manages to walk grab a baby walk to his car drive off and the next day looks fresh as a daisy without even a plaster on his head. [bleep] off,” said another.

Others were shocked that Phil was helping Alfie, while many more laughed at Alfie’s disguise…

One said: “Alfie’s whacked a baseball cap on and thinks he’s invisible.”

Another laughed: “#EastEnders Alfie’s trying to disguise his self in a baseball cap sat in his own car.”

Other fans were incredulous that Alfie would consider leaving his three boys with wife Kat for his daughter with Hayley…

And many were upset that Alfie has become a villain, instead of the lovable rogue of old.

But will he do the right thing and return baby Cherry to Hayley? And is there any chance of him and Kat working through their differences?

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