EastEnders fans predict shock death in Walford after Alfie’s foolhardy plan

Fatal disaster in the Slater family?

It’s the question that has had EastEnders fans scratching their heads for weeks – how DO all the Slaters fit in one house?

Ever since Alfie returned to Walford with a brood of kids, the headcount at chez Slater has increased to a whooping 16 people, with some of them spilling over onto living room sofas.

The family have to stagger meal times (Credit: BBC)

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We can’t imagine what meal times are like, let alone the amount of milk consumed and toilet roll used…

On Monday’s visit to Walford (10 December), the tight squeeze was a hot topic of conversation, with poor Tiffany and Whitney being forced to sleep in the living room since Alfie’s arrival.

Have you ever seen all of the Slater family around the dining table at the same time? (Credit: BBC)

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While Alfie attempted to help matters by making a list of household chores everyone could do to ease the pressure, his suggestion to help with the space issue alarmed many viewers.

When Jean told Alfie “not even you can magic a room out of thin air”, Alfie hatched a cunning plan – oh yes he could!

After giving the matter some thought, Alfie told the family he plans to convert the loft into another bedroom.

A bit of squeeze and no chance for a minute’s peace (Credit: BBC)

But Alfie’s plans were a red flag to soap fans who, quite frankly, don’t trust Alfie with such a big job.

Some fans were so critical of Alfie’s DIY prowess that they believe his plan might KILL someone – probably himself.

One fan ominously predicted: “Who else thinks the loft is gonna collapse and kill someone on Christmas day?”

Another doom-monger said: “Alfle the jack of all trades and master of none about to convert the loft..!! Christmas Disaster about to unfold.”

A third added: “I’m calling it now, Alfie gets the loft extension done on the cheap, something goes wrong on xmas day and who ever if up there gets killed, you do not know who it is as there are so many in the house and you hear Alfie’s ringtone go off and its him who is dead.”

Others worried about the little things like, oh, the fact Alfie has NO money. Or that the house is rented and not actually theirs to renovate!

Shane Ritchie, who plays Alfie, has promised a “big shock” in the Christmas Day episode.

Speaking to Digital Spy, he said: “There is such a big shock on Christmas Day. Obviously I can’t tell you, but even when I read it I went, ‘Oh, you can’t do that, you can’t do that, we’ve tipped it over the edge now’.

“It’s just a real, massive cliffhanger on Christmas Day.”

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