Sharon Phil drama

EastEnders fans predict Phil will accuse Max of being Sharon’s baby daddy

Linda left a 'clue' at the Brannings' house...

Phil Mitchell is set to accuse Max Branning of being Sharon’s baby daddy, if EastEnders fans are correct.

On Thursday night (November 28), viewers predicted that Phil will think Max fathered Sharon’s baby after Linda left a ‘clue’ at the Brannings’ house.

Linda Max drunk
Linda downed white wine and later passed out on the sofa (Credit: BBC)

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Linda spent the night chatting and drinking wine with Max, while husband Mick and Max’s girlfriend Ruby did the same over at The Vic.

The couples were participating in a Walford Wife Swap, but some fans think the night will have explosive consequences…

I’m wondering if there is a significance of Sharon giving Linda the necklace?

As the episode ended, Linda was seen passed out on Max’s sofa while Mick left her a message telling her he loved her.

Mick Carter on the phone
Mick Carter called wife Linda, but she was passed out drunk on Max’s sofa (Credit: BBC)

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Linda, passed out on white wine, has been finding solace in alcohol as life becomes too much for her.

But while she slept, those watching from home saw that she was wearing Sharon’s necklace – and predict it will slip off and end up on Max’s floor.

They believe Phil will find the necklace at Max’s and get the wrong end of the stick.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Phil is going to find Sharon’s necklace at Max’s, and think Sharon is shagging Max and kill him looool.”

Another said: “Ooh oh is Sharon‘s necklace going to end up on Max‘s bedroom floor? #EastEnders.”

A third said: “I’m wondering if there is a significance of Sharon giving Linda the necklace? Is it going to end up conveniently lost at Jack’s and then Phil will somehow find it there and jump to conclusions… #EastEnders.”

Others believed Jack would be the accused, as Phil becomes fixated on finding out the truth about Sharon’s baby daddy.

Keanu is actually the father of Sharon's baby... And Louise's (Credit: BBC)
Keanu is actually the father of Sharon’s baby… And Louise’s… (Credit: BBC)

But some believe Phil will discover the truth about Sharon and Keanu’s affair – and end up killing the mechanic.

Keanu actor Danny Walters recently revealed he’s quitting EastEnders as the ‘Sheanu’ storyline comes to a dramatic head.

EastEnders boss Jon Sen has hinted that Keanu could be killed off in devastating scenes:

He told The Sun Online: “Keanu’s story is set to come to a dramatic and blistering conclusion in the near future as one of best kept secrets on the Square is finally revealed with devastating consequences.”

Will he leave in a coffin or a cab?

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