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Saturday 11th July 2020

EastEnders fans predict yet another twist in Sharon baby plot after Lisa reveals truth

Lisa exposed Sharon's lie after Mel's death

Phil Mitchell finally heard the truth about wife Sharon's unborn baby last night, but EastEnders fans predict there will be yet another twist in the already explosive storyline.

On Thursday night (November 14), Sharon returned home in a distressed state after seeing Mel Owen killed in a horrifying car accident.

If looks could kill... (Credit: BBC)

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But far from being able to put her feet up and unwind with a bucket of wine, Sharon had to deal with a vengeful Lisa Fowler.

After the news of Mel's untimely death spread across the Square, Mel's best friend Lisa was bereft with grief and blamed Sharon for killing her.

In an electrifying moment around Sharon's dining table infront of Phil Mitchell, Louise Mitchell and Keanu Taylor, Lisa accused Sharon of being responsible for Mel's death.

Awks doesn't quite cover it (Credit: BBC)

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She told Sharon's husband Phil that Sharon's unborn baby wasn't his and that Mel had known the truth...

She said: "It was the only way you could shut her up. You killed her, because that baby ain't yours.

Almost positive that Phil won't believe Lisa.

"I'm telling the truth Phil. Mel found out. And that's why she's dead."

Will Phil believe Lisa's bombshell news? (Credit: BBC)

Phil looked stunned by the news, while Sharon denied killing Mel - saying Mel had stepped into the path of a lorry.

While some viewers were shocked that Lisa had blurted out the truth to Phil, others predict Sharon will be able to wheedle her way out of it - and that the real twist will come at Christmas.

Writing on Twitter, one said: "Almost positive that Phil won't believe Lisa and this will then cause her to try and find out who the father is and then to prove it at Christmas.

"It'll probably play on Phil's mind, though, and he won't fully trust Sharon now. #EastEnders."

Another said: "I thought the secret was being exposed at Christmas? Hmm, maybe Sharon convinces Phil that Lisa is lying and then, by Christmas, they've patched things up and Lisa finds the paternity letter and reveals it's Keanu's? #EastEnders."

A third said: "Lisa has just told Phil he's not the father of Sharon's baby. TONIGHT! Now it's on to Sharon to stop him believing it. #EastEnders."

"Sharon will just deny it. Unlike Mel, Lisa doesn't have any evidence," said one more, and another wrote: "Sharon will say Lisa is just struggling with grief and bring up Lisa's past mental health issues."

Others think that, while Phil WILL believe Sharon, the seed of doubt will have been planted - leading to a dramatic Christmas Day episode...

Lisa won't rest until she has avenged Mel's death (Credit: BBC)

One said: "Ohhhh at Lisa spilling [half the beans] to Phil about Sharon's infidelity and baby secret! He's gonna go crazy over the next few weeks trying to wrestle that thought."

Viewers know Mel had been blackmailing Sharon for weeks after finding out that Louise Mitchell's fiancé Keanu Taylor is the real father of Sharon's baby.

Louise, who is also pregnant with Keanu's baby, has no idea that he had an affair with Sharon last year and a one-night stand during their brief split.

Sharon didn't kill Mel, she tried to save her (Credit: BBC)

When the news breaks, it is set to be one of the biggest bombshells in Walford history.

Will Phil believe his wife Sharon? Or has Lisa given Phil reason to doubt her?

And should Callum and Jay start measuring up a Keanu-sized coffin just incase?

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