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Sunday 12th July 2020

EastEnders fans notice Leo's new stall has hidden sinister message

Did you spot it?

Leo King's campaign of harassment against Whitney Dean continued in EastEnders last night, with the troubled young man stalking her at her place of work.

Viewers know that Leo, the son of paedophile Tony who groomed and raped Whitney when she was a teenager, has set up his own stall opposite Whitney in Walford market - much to her horror.

Leo has set up his market stall directly opposite Whitney (Credit: BBC)

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Despite her attempts to complain to the market stall allocator, Leo has been allowed to stay as officially he's done nothing wrong...

Which makes every working day a living nightmare for poor Whitney, as she's reminded of the abuse she suffered as a young girl.

Even worse, eagle-eyed viewers noticed a sinister hidden message on Leo's stall on Thursday (January 9).

Leo is selling products made from whey (Credit: BBC)

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The more observant soap fans noticed that Leo's stall, which sells organic whey products, is called Nite and Whey - an anagram of Whitney's name.


Loving that Leo named his stall after Whit. Proper classic stalker material there.

One fan tweeted: "Leo's new stall is called Nite and Whey - an anagram of Whitney Dean. Whitney, you in danger, girl. #EastEnders."

Another said: "Nite and Whey is an anagram of Whitney."

A third wrote: "I can't get over Leo's stall name being an anagram of Whitney Dean. So subtle, yet creepy #EastEnders."

"Loving that Leo named his stall after Whit. Proper classic stalker material there," said another.

Script editor Kyri Zindilis also commented on the anagram, tweeting: "I can't believe how quickly some of you cracked that Leo's stall Nite and Whey was an anagram of Whitney Dean. I'm very impressed! #EastEnders."

He went on to explain: "All credit goes to one of the script editors, Cleo Bicat (and @MarkJamesLowe). I couldn't even work it out after they told me."

In the Thursday night episode, Leo crept up behind Whitney in the dark as she reached for her keys, and pressured her into agreeing to a date with him.

Is Whitney in serious danger?

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