EastEnders fans notice huge mistake by Tiffany Butcher

Did you spot Tiffany's disappearing and reappearing mobile phone?

Soap fans were left questioning how Tiffany Butcher was able to set up another meeting with wide boy Jagger after an apparent continuity error on EastEnders.

Bianca and Ricky’s daughter has attracted the attention of the dodgy gang member – but cautious Tiffany is not sure whether she can trust him or not.

Nonetheless, she was impressed with him during a boozing session in the local park as he stood up for her while other hangers on giggled at her.

But after explaining she was heading home to keep Whitney happy, viewers wondered how she later managed to text Jagger when she seemed to leave her phone behind on a bench.

Tiffany has her mobile… (Credit: iPlayer)

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Tiffany, played by Maisie Smith, was seen putting her mobile down as she stood up and crossed over to where Jagger was standing to let him know she was off.

Woozy after a few drinks, Tiffany then tottered past where she had been sitting on her way home – but neglected to pick her phone up from where she left it.

However, it was nowhere to be seen in the shot, suggesting the phone was no longer there as she made her exit just moments after placing it down.

Fans who assumed she had forgotten about it were later confused when Tiffany was shown texting Jagger about meeting up again back at home.

… And then she puts it down… (Credit: iPlayer)

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No sight of the mobile where she left it (Credit: iPlayer)

Bit harsh calling her an idiot! Although Tiffany might have felt a bit of one if her phone had ended up being pinched because of her carelessness.

Maybe she just went back after a few paces and picked it up?

After all, you never see soap characters go into a room, forget why they’ve gone in and go out again, do you? Not every little moment of a soap life is shown, especially the really dull bits.

That’s because they aren’t very dramatic. And soaps aren’t meant to be like fly-on-the-wall documentaries.

But, for sure, we’re willing to bet this is one of those instances where someone, somewhere made a little whoopsie during filming.

Either that or Tiffany’s service provider is really swift at replacing lost phones.

What witchcraft is this? Tiff is texting again (Credit: iPlayer)

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