EastEnders Keanu alive

EastEnders fans left confused during tense flashback episode which proved Keanu is alive

What was going on with the phones?

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Keanu Taylor is still alive, or at least EastEnders viewers THINK he is after watching New Year’s Day tense flashback episode.

On Wednesday (January 1), the BBC soap revealed what really happened to the mechanic after Christmas Day’s explosive scenes which appeared to show him getting shot.

EastEnders Keanu alive
Martin was blackmailed by Ben into killing Keanu (Credit: BBC)

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But many of those watching from home were left seriously confused by the chain of events, questioning what they thought were blunders in the script.

Is that a blunder or have I missed something?

We saw Martin Fowler, blackmailed by Ben to murder Keanu, agree to set his target free – after making a dangerous pact with eyewitness Linda Carter.

A drunk Linda had stumbled upon Martin and Keanu, and become forever embroiled in Phil Mitchell’s dark plot to kill Keanu after discovering he was the father of wife Sharon’s baby.

Phil went berserk when he discovered Keanu was the father of Sharon’s baby (Credit: BBC)

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During the special one hour episode, fans saw Linda and Martin stage Keanu’s death and Keanu apparently walking free to start a new life.

But some viewers were left scratching their heads as Martin handed his phone to Keanu before he vanished into the night.

So how did Martin later get a text from Ben when he returned to the Square?

EastEnders Keanu alive
Martin gave Keanu his phone and told him never to return (Credit: BBC)

And how could Martin show the video ‘evidence’ of Keanu’s shooting if he’d given his handset away?

One fan said: “Thought Martin gave his phone to Keanu? How come he showed the video to Ben?”

Another said: “If Martin gave Keanu his phone, then what did he show Ben the footage on? Is that a blunder or have I missed something? #EastEnders.”

A third added: “So Martin texts Ben when he’s given his phone to Keanu… Top marks EastEnders!!!”

How did Martin show Ben the video of Keanu, when Martin gave Keanu his phone? What am I missing?” asked another.

Some fans tried to answer the mystery, explaining that Ben had given Martin a ‘burner’ phone before ordering him to murder Keanu.

One eagle-eyed viewer said: “Just to clarify, Martin had two phones, his own and a burner phone from Ben! The video was on the burner phone, Martin gave Keanu his, took Keanu’s, then Martin burned Keanu’s in that barrel at the end! Sorted, next!”

In fact, during the Christmas Day episode, Ben was seen giving Martin a white burner phone, which is what he used to film Keanu’s ‘death’.

Martin then gave Keanu his OWN phone, which was black.


Others questioned why Martin was burning Keanu’s phone, passport and ID when he was supposed to be escaping the country.

One tweeted: “Why did Martin take and burn Keanu’s passport if he wants him to never return?”

Another said: “But where is he escaping to with no passport or wallet….? #EastEnders.”

A third added: “How can Keanu leave the country if Martin burnt his passport. #EastEnders.”

“So Martin burnt Keanu’s passport; so how is he going to leave at the airport without it? I’m actually lost. #EastEnders.”

Martin burning Keanu's things
Martin was seen burning Keanu’s things (Credit: BBC)

Others suggested Keanu would get a fake passport, while some thought he might fly to Scotland where you don’t need one.

Many hoped this meant that Keanu wouldn’t travel far, and would one day return to Walford to exact his revenge. Watch this space!

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