EastEnders fans horrified as new villain is revealed – as a kid

Could she join the long list of legendary Walford villains despite her young age?

EastEnders has had some major villains in its past but usually they don’t start so young.

Soap fans have been left horrified after Jack Branning’s daughter Amy not only caught her dad romping with his sister-in-law Rainie Cross – but filmed them too.

EastEnders fans horrified as new villain is revealed - as a kid
Amy takes after her mother more than anyone expected (Credit: BBC)

The daughter of the late Roxy Mitchell spotted her loverat dad and her aunt kissing and helpfully filmed it on her iPad.

The pair got together after a drunken Max confessed to his marriage being a sham to a shocked Jack who tried to comfort Rainie.

However comfort turned to passion and Rainie swapped one brother for the other and the pair slept together.

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The former police detective soon regretted his mistake and ended up begging Rainie to not tell Max what had happened but like last time the passions overcame them and they ended up kissing just as his own daughter walked in.

The adulterers panicked but didn’t know if Amy had actually seen anything – though by the end of the episodes viewers were in absolutely no doubt.

The youngster sat happily grinning at her tablet computer as she scrolled through a video of the shock kiss, leaving viewers totally horrified.

EastEnders fans horrified as new villain is revealed - as a kid
Jack and Rainie were openly flaunting their romp in the kitchen (Credit: BBC)

Her sly grin told viewers that trouble was brewing for the new villain and that the Brannings should be worried about what’s ahead.

Meanwhile Rainie ended up realising that her feelings towards Max weren’t as one-sided as he’d led her to believe.

Dragging him through an appointment with a welfare officer, Rainie kept up appearances for Max’s scheme to adopt baby Abi.

EastEnders fans horrified as new villain is revealed - as a kid
Unfortunately Amy was ready filming them for later use (Credit: BBC)

After she decided enough was enough and began packing her bags ready to go.

Unfortunately Max misinterpreted her actions and accused of stealing cash from him causing a huge row.

When the truth finally dawned on Max, he faced a race against time to stop Rainie before she left Walford.

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Eventually catching up to her he finally confessed to loving her, saying: “It’s not about Abi.

“It’s about me and you. I love you. I need you.”

But with Amy’s blackmail video ready to be used, how long can the happy couple remain so?

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