Ben Mitchell EastEnders set up Keanu Taylor

EastEnders fans horrified as ‘evil’ Ben sets up Keanu for attempted murder in ‘mind-blowing episode’

Well, he's certainly an opportunist!

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Most of us would call for help if we found a parent out cold and possibly even dead. Not Ben Mitchell.

On Thursday night (August 1), the ‘evil’ son decided to let his dad suffer unnecessarily when he discovered his lifeless body lying on the floor of the car pit.

Phil Mitchell beaten EastEnders
Dead? Brain-damaged? Phil’s fate has yet to be revealed (Credit: BBC)

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Viewers know that in the previous episode of EastEnders, Stacey Fowler walloped Phil over the head with a wrench to stop her husband Martin from getting a beating.

As Stacey, Martin and Kat Slater came up with a plan to avoid getting caught – by police or a vengeful Phil if he ever recovers – Phil lay bleeding to death in the garage.

That is until son Ben stumbled upon his body…

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Ben found his dad Phil injured in the garage car pit (Credit: BBC)

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But instead of rushing to his father’s aid, opportunist Ben saw the chance to work the tragic situation to his advantage.

Furious that Phil has written him out of his will, Ben decided to exact a spot of revenge…

After threatening Kat, Stacey and Martin with a gun to keep quiet, he decided to leave Phil to meet a grisly end in the garage pit.

Ben pulled a gun on Stacey, Martin and Kat
Ben pulled a gun on Stacey, Martin and Kat warning them to keep quiet (Credit: BBC)

Conniving Ben then set about FRAMING Keanu Taylor for the attack, wrapping up the weapon in Keanu’s overalls and hiding the evidence behind some tyres.

After some time, Ben DID call the emergency services, putting on an Oscar-worthy performance as a grief-stricken son.

As the forensics team arrived and found the weapon, Ben told the police: “There was an argument. I thought I saw someone running away.

“This is ridiculous. He can’t have anything to do with all of this. He works with us, he’s one of us. Keanu. Keanu Taylor.”

Ben Mitchell sets up Keanu Taylor
Ben Mitchell, you really are a piece of work! (Credit: BBC)

Viewers were in shock by Ben’s actions, with some calling him “evil”, “a lying dirty rat” and “horrible”.

Others thought the episode was “mind-blowing”.

One said: “Ben is framing Keanu! So it’s gonna be Mitchells VS Slaters VS Taylors.”

Another added: “Ben is such a piece of work! Clearly he is going to frame Keanu! Also this is all set up for Lacey Turner to go off on maternity! Going on the run!”

A third cried: “No Ben just set Keanu up!”

“He’s grassed on Keanu! How could you Ben?!” exclaimed one more.

Of course, Keanu’s practically family as he’s engaged to Ben’s sister, Louise Mitchell. But it seems faaamily doesn’t mean much to Ben any more…

Actor Max Bowden told Mirror Online: “Ben’s found the perfect opportunity to get one over on Keanu and try to remove him from the picture, which is a massive conflict of interest because it then leaves Phil not having as much time as he needs or necessarily should.

“But I think he’s so broken by what’s happened in the previous episodes, finding out that Keanu’s in the will and he’s not, that I think his mind goes into a complete overdrive.”

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