EastEnders fans have big issue with Ruby’s consent storyline

The storyline is tackling the controversial issue of consent

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EastEnders have kicked off a troubling storyline surrounding the controversial issue of sexual consent.

In last night’s show (Tuesday 9 October), Ruby Allen was in tears as she told good friend Stacey Slater she had NOT given her consent to having sex with a man after a drunken night out.

Ruby Allen
Ruby’s night ended terribly (Credit: BBC)

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Blaming herself for being promiscuous, flirty and drunk, Ruby was ashamed of the previous night’s outcome – until Stacey insisted Ruby had been raped.

Monday’s night episode had seen Stacey and Ruby enjoying a boozy school reunion at E20 with Martin and his friends.

One thing led to another, and Ruby was left alone with the boys and consented to have sex with Ross.

Stacey Slater horrified by Ruby Allen rape
Stacey was shocked to hear what had happened to her friend (Credit: BBC)

But, to her disgust, she later woke up to find Matt had also got into the bed and had sex with her.

She told Stace: “I was confused, I didn’t know where I was for a minute. Then I felt this hand. It was dark. I thought it was Ross. I rolled over and his face was lit up. It was Matt. And he had this look in his eyes that blokes get.”

Telling Stacey she “didn’t say no”, her friend replied: “But you didn’t say yes.”

Meanwhile, in parallel scenes, Martin and his friends were discussing their version of the same evening – and it was a very different tale.

Lads’ banter – or dangerous lies? (Credit: BBC)

An incredulous Martin heard how Ruby willingly had sex with both men.

His school friends also claimed women have all the power and “men have to tread on eggshells”.

Some viewers watched in tears as a clearly distressed Ruby dealt with the aftermath as the shocking realisation of what had happened to her sunk in.

And some directed their anger at Stacey – believing she should NEVER had left her friend drunk and alone at a party in the first place.

Ruby and Stacey were enjoying a great night out at first (Credit: BBC)

One fan blasted: “Stacey is a [bleep] friend idc, she left ruby in a club intoxicated with three guys who she doesn’t know properly & thought it was okay. Crazy.”

Another said: “I would’ve at least thought Stacey texted Ruby to make sure she got home safe.”

A third said: “Poor Ruby […]. Stacey & Martin should NEVER of left her alone. ‘She’ll be alright’ she really WON’T though will she sadly Stacey? Also she’ll regret it in the morning You have ZERO idea sadly Martin.”

The storyline is set to continue over the next few months as Ruby decides to report the rape to the police.

However, rapist Matt accuses her of lying and Martin doesn’t know who to believe…

Will he undermine her account?

If you or someone you know needs confidential advice and support for similar issues, contact Rape Crisis in England or Wales, Rape Crisis Scotland if you are north of the border, or Nexus NI if you are in Northern Ireland.

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