EastEnders: Fans have a new theory over Ian Beale’s attack

Ian was attacked by an unseen assailant

EastEnders fans have a new theory over Ian Beale’s attack which involved Sharon and Dotty Cotton.

A few weeks ago Ian was attacked in The Queen Vic. Over the last few months, Ian has made quite a few enemies on Albert Square.

Earlier this year, Dotty discovered Ian locked Dennis in a room on the boat hosting The Queen Vic’s party back in February.

But the boat ended up crashing and the accident led to Dennis dying.

Ian was the reason Dennis became trapped on the boat (Credit: BBC)

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Dotty eventually told Sharon about Ian’s role in Dennis’s death, however Sharon didn’t believe her and kicked Dotty out of The Vic.

After Ian’s attack, he proposed to Sharon and she agreed to marry him. Meanwhile, Dotty went off to Ireland to visit her nan, Dot.

Ian was attacked (Credit: BBC)

Now fans believe that Sharon and Dotty teamed up together to have Ian attacked.

EastEnders: What is the new theory over Ian Beale’s attack?

Speaking in a Digital Spy forum, one fan wrote: “So many of us have a theory that Sharon is behind Ian’s attack, especially after her agreeing to marry Ian after all that business of ‘we will only ever be friends’.

“I would be shocked if Sharon didn’t have anything to do with it at this point. My theory is that she’s in on it with Dotty (who’s ‘gone off to Ireland’ – I feel like that scene was written in for a reason) and possibly one more person.

Dotty told Sharon about Ian’s part in Dennis’s death back in September. But Sharon didn’t believe her (Credit: BBC)

“I reckon Sharon ended up finding out the truth about Ian’s role in Denny’s death from Dotty and teamed up for revenge. Phil might have also been involved.

“I doubt Sharon would be the one to get her hands dirty – but I’m not sure if Dotty would either, maybe they hired a complete random to do it?

“The she’ll get Ian to sign over The Vic to her in some sort of blackmail.

EastEnders trailer spoilers
Could Sharon and Dotty be behind Ian’s attack? (Credit: BBC)

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“However I don’t know if this is believable. Whilst I do think Sharon definitely has a part to play in the attack, would the Sharon we know stoop so low?”

Do other fans agree with this theory?

One fan agreed saying: “I do think it’s Sharon and Dotty but I still don’t think either of them would actively try and kill Ian again on Christmas day, as spoilers say the attacker does. So who knows?”

Another viewer added: “I posted when Ian was first attacked I thought it was Sharon and Dotty. Wouldn’t be surprised if Phil is involved too, providing Dotty with a place to stay.”

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