EastEnders fans ‘excited to meet baby Peggy’ as Louise goes into labour

She'll be here any moment now!

Louise Mitchell went into labour last night, and EastEnders fans are thrilled about meeting the new baby girl Peggy.

On Thursday (December 5), Keanu received an urgent text from Louise demanding he return home.

Louise’s waters broke (Credit: BBC)

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Convinced that the secret about Sharon’s baby was finally out, he walked home expecting to face her fury, but was surprised when he heard her groaning in pain.

A worried Keanu found Louise in labour, after her waters had broken.

Baby Peggy is coming!

The pair were then seen waiting for an ambulance to arrive, excited and nervous about what’s to come…

Phil quizzed Sharon about Jack (Credit: BBC)

Across the Square, however, Phil was on a mission to discover the truth about Sharon’s baby daddy and, convinced she had an affair with Jack, confronted Sharon once again about Lisa’s accusations.

As Sharon protested her innocence, they learnt that Louise was in labour and Phil raced to the hospital to be with his daughter.

Could some good come from all this bad?

Louise wanted Sharon at the hospital, too… (Credit: BBC)

Many fans focused on the happy news, rather than Phil’s mission to blame Jack.

One wrote: “Baby Peggy is coming!”

Another said: “Poor Louise… Of all the people in the Square to have a happy ever after, I hope it’s Louise.”

A third added: “Hope Lou and baby Peggy are going to be okay.”

“Can’t wait till tomorrow now,” said one more.

Spoilers tell us that Louise and Keanu will name their baby daughter Peggy, after iconic landlady Peggy Mitchell.

Not everyone is behind the name choice, however, with some saying it’s old-fashioned and could be a curse for the little one.

In a terrifying twist for the new parents, however, their baby stops breathing and doctors have to fight to save her.

As the families gather to meet the baby, there is panic when she stops breathing and doctors and nurses rush in to save her life.

Awwww, meet baby Peggy! (Credit: BBC)

Thankfully it seems all is okay with the baby and everyone is relieved when her condition stabilises.

Louise actress Tilly Keeper recently announced she’s leaving the BBC soap after four years, saying she will “miss my EastEnders family greatly”.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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