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Sunday 9th August 2020

EastEnders fans don't think Phil will ever find out about Sharon and Keanu's affair

The affair may never be exposed

EastEnders fans are fearing that Phil Mitchell will never discover wife Sharon's affair with Keanu Taylor.

Mrs Mitchell enjoyed a string of saucy romps with the hunky young mechanic while Phil was away abroad on business.

The adulterous pair romped everywhere (Credit: BBC)

But things have become very complicated with Keanu falling in love with Phil's daughter Louise and getting her pregnant.

And then Sharon discovered she was pregnant with a large question mark hanging over the paternity of her baby.

But while 49 year old Sharon was researching terminations, Phil decided to announce their happy news to the family, causing ructions with Keanu thinking the baby was his.

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His actions led to Sharon and his mum Karen teaming up to kidnap him to keep him quiet.

More than that, the adulterous pair have survived numerous near misses, including Louise discovering the pair romping - but then being convinced Keanu was just giving Sharon a personal training session - in her bedroom.

And Keanu's mum Karen knows about the affair but she knows what Phil would do if he discovered the truth so isn't likely to tell anyone.

Sharon and Phil are back in a good place (Credit: BBC)

This has led fans to become convinced that the affair will never come out - or at least not for years.

The only other person that’s knows about this is Karen, she’s not going to say anything. It’s buried.

One said: "It’s not going to be anytime soon. Sharon made it clear to Keanu there was no future for them, they will never be together, the baby is Phil's.

"Keanu agreed his future lies with Louise and their baby. The only other person that’s knows about this is Karen, she’s not going to say anything. It’s buried.

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"They could go lots of ways with this story. Including Sharon and us viewers finding out the baby is Keanu's soon after it’s born but, she doesn’t say anything and passes the baby off as Phil's for years. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t come out one day but when who knows."

Another added on DS forums: "I hope it never comes out."

However, it was previously claimed that Phil would go on a 'bloody rampage' when he discovers the truth which could mean he murders Keanu.

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