EastEnders fans divided as Kush sneaks Jean’s medication into her food

Jean hasn't been taking her medication for weeks now

EastEnders fans were left shocked after Kush went to desperate measures to make sure Jean took her bipolar medication – by putting it in her food.

Over the last few weeks, viewers have noticed a change in Jean’s behaviour.

She has become more erratic, especially since family friend Whitney was kidnapped.

In Monday’s episode (Monday, May 4), when Whitney returned home, she called her ‘Stacey’ causing Kush to become worried about her.

Kush put the medication in Jean’s soup (Credit: BBC)

In last night’s episode, (Tuesday, May 5) Kush discovered Jean hadn’t been taking her medication. After speaking to Shirley, Kush found Jean having a go at Phil Mitchell.

After bringing her home, Kush confronted Jean about not taking her pills. But Jean didn’t want to start taking her medication again, saying she could now focus clearly.

However, Kush went to extreme lengths to make sure she did take her medication. He crushed up the pills and put them in her food, leaving viewers shocked.

Some agreed he did the right thing to make sure Jean was taking her medication.

However others flagged how dangerous it is, as he may end up giving Jean too much.

What happens next for Jean in EastEnders?

In next week’s episodes of EastEnders Kush continues to worry about Jean’s behaviour.

Shirley tells him the police have arrived and he’s stunned to learn Jean called them. It turns out Jean rang them multiple times about Whitney’s disappearance, despite her returning home.

Jean lays into Whitney (Credit: BBC)

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When Kush asks Jean about it, she snaps and is embarrassed. Jean goes on the warpath and finds Whitney in the restaurant.

She explodes at her for lying and making her look stupid. Witnessing the outburst, Shirley is confused.

She soon finds Kush and demands the truth. He admits that Jean hasn’t been taking her medication.

Worried about her, the pair takes matters into their own hands…

EastEnders Jean Slater BBC
Jean is unwell! (Credit: BBC)

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Kush and Shirley discuss Jean and put her mood swings and behaviour down to her medication not working. But they don’t know that Jean is feeling unwell.

Later, Jean bites Shirley’s head off before storming out. But Shirley hasn’t given up on her and heads out with Tina to look for her.

However when they finally track her down, they’re horrified to find her having a seizure. Will she be okay?

Next week EastEnders is on Monday at 8pm and Tuesday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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