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EastEnders fans demand Mick Carter gets a DNA test for Frankie to prove Katy’s abuse

The former landlord has a simple way of getting proof

EastEnders fans are demanding Mick Carter get a DNA test on Frankie Lewis to prove once and for all that her mum Katy abused him.

Viewers know Mick was abused by Katy, but last week she convinced him that it was all in his head.

And worse still, she made him help her convince Frankie that it was all invented too.

In actual fact he fathered Frankie when he was just 12, with Katy – his care worker – grooming him.

EastEnders fans want Mick to get a DNA test to prove the abuse happened (Credit: BBC)

What do fans think Mick Carter should do in EastEnders?

Viewers think there’s an easy way of proving whether it happened or not – a DNA test.

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One said: “Anyone heard of a DNA test in the East End? Come on Mick #EastEnders.”

A second said: “Frankie will be proof of the abuse.”

Another added: “Why doesn’t Mick ask for a DNA test to be done, which he should have done when Frankie first said she was his daughter, and settle the matter?”

Frankie is Mick’s daughter but both of them are being manipulated by evil Katy (Credit: BBC)

A tough watch

The storyline has been tough to watch, with viewers disgusted by Katy’s actions.

Fits? Don’t be ridiculous. I’d have thought you know your basic biology by now. You have to have sex to have a baby.

Last week she came to Walford after being called by Shirley.

Immediately, Mick demanded to know why she didn’t tell him Frankie was his daughter. But Katy told him that Frankie wasn’t his child.

Katy Lewis abused Mick Carter as a young child (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans sickened by Mick Carter abuser Katy

Katy told Mick that Frankie’s dad was a random man she met in a bar.

She asked Mick what made him believe that he was Frankie’s dad and he explained how everything added up, with Frankie’s age and how Katy randomly left all them years ago.

But Katy said: “Fits? Don’t be ridiculous. I’d have thought you know your basic biology by now. You have to have sex to have a baby.”

Mick tried to remind Katy that they had a “relationship” the summer before she vanished. But Katy acted like she had no idea what Mick was on about.

She told Mick that although she did love him, it was more like a mother and his memory must be mixed up.

But the former landlord insisted there was nothing wrong with his memory.

eastenders mick carter katy lewis
Mick was manipulated by Katy – with fans disgusted (Credit: BBC)

Mick remembered when Katy took him back to her house and took his shirt off after he got injured.

But once again Katy said Mick probably got his feelings mixed up and confused his fantasy for reality.

But viewers could see she was trying to manipulate Mick and branded her “evil”.

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One said: “Katy is a manipulator. I bet she told Tina the story about that guy coming onto her as if to portray herself as a victim and to jab at Mick. Nasty, evil @bbceastenders #EastEnders.”

“I’m pretty sure this Katy woman raped Mick and is trying to confuse him. So evil,” said a second.

Another added: “I hate Katy with a passion! Such a manipulator. Stay strong Mick.”

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