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EastEnders fans claim Ian Beale is being scammed by Sharon Watts and point to Queen Vic ‘clue’

A picture from recent filming suggests Sharon gets her revenge

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EastEnders fans have spotted a clue that suggests Sharon Watts is scamming husband Ian Beale.

Viewers watched the BBC soap shock this week as Sharon married Ian as he lay in his hospital bed convinced he was dying.

EastEnders: Ian Beale proposes to take care of Sharon

He proposed, wanting to make sure she would be taken care off financially if he died – no matter what happens.

But Sharon’s behaviour in recent weeks has suggested that she isn’t in it for love.

Instead, fans think she has discovered the truth about how Ian was responsible for her son Denny’s death.

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Ian had locked Denny in a cabin on the boat shortly before it sank. He left it too late to save him and the teen drowned in the Thames.

However, a new backstage picture of the Queen Vic taken last week during filming has attracted the attention of fans.

They are convinced it shows clues that prove Sharon is scamming Ian – and will successfully take the Vic from him.

EastEnders Christmas
Ian is responsible for Denny’s death – however Sharon may now know this (Credit: BBC)

What did EastEnders fans say about Ian and Sharon?

One fan wrote on DS Forums: “Thankfully, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a long-term marriage.

“I’ve just seen John Greening (director) posted a photo of the Queen Vic yesterday when they were filming.

“All of the Ian photos have been removed behind the bar and there’s only three photos on there.

However, fans are convinced Sharon Watts is taking revenge (Credit: BBC)

Suggestions Sharon is scamming Ian

“Peggy and two photos of Den and Angie. Presumably Sharon has removed all of the Ian photos.

“My guess is that Sharon gets ownership of the Vic and divorces/annuls her marriage to Ian.

“I think Sharon married Ian to get revenge on him [for Denny].”

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A second agreed, adding: “Fantastic. Back where she belongs and hopefully with full ownership.”

However, another said: “Amazing how many people are failing to understand this is part of Sharon’s revenge for Ian’s part in Denny’s death.

“She doesn’t care whether he is dying or not, [she] just wants to cause as much pain for Ian as possible.”

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