EastEnders fans call shock Alfie twist on Boxing Day “the single worst episode ever”

Alfie was declared dead, and then rose again...

EastEnders fans threatened to riot during the Boxing Day edition of the soap, as it delivered one of the most shocking twists of recent times.

In the space of a few minutes, Alfie Moon was declared dead, only to rise again, abduct baby Cherry, and leg it – all without Kat and co noticing.

Kat Slater EastEnders Alfie dead
Kat kissed her ‘dead’ husband goodbye (Credit: BBC)

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While some fans theorised about how he could possibly have done this, with some thinking Jean Slater had a hand in it, others branded the episode “the single worst ever”.

Others blasted the storyline for being “rubbish”, “ridiculous”, “awful” and a “shambles”.

Some fans criticised the characters for “not thinking to check Alfie’s pulse” and many more questioned “why nobody called an ambulance”.

Kat ran out into the Street screaming for her husband (Credit: BBC)

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On Christmas Day, EastEnders fans saw Alfie Moon being accidentally pushed down a flight of stairs, plummeting to his possible death and bashing his head at the bottom.

Those believing he had been killed off were thrown a massive curveball last night (Wednesday 26 December), when the police arrived to investigate the death but found the ‘corpse’ had disappeared.

After half an hour of the Slater women moving him from the bottom of the stairs to the lounge, covering his face with a Santa costume and crying over what to do, he spirited himself away – taking his child with Hayley at the same time.

EastEnders' Alfie Moon killed by Hayley Slater in Christmas shock
Like a cat with nine lives, Alfie survived the fall (Credit: BBC)

Somehow he had survived the fall, had the energy to escape and gone on the run with his daughter Cherry.

This evening’s cliffhanger then saw Kat screaming Alfie’s name out into the night, but he was nowhere to be seen…

Fans literally couldn’t believe their eyes, with some wondering how Alfie escaped a fall down some stairs with “no broken bones? No concussion? No fractured skull? Impossible!!!”

One tweeted: “What a load of rubbish! Seriously, did anyone NOT see that ‘twist’ coming? Absolutely ludicrous, and, of course the destruction of #AlfieMoon’s character is complete.”

Another said: “Are we supposed to believe Alfie would leave his 3 sons just to be with his daughter?”

“He managed to get off the floor, run up the stairs, grab the baby, leave and drive off in 20 seconds. Really?!” questioned another.

One had sympathy for new boss Kate Oates, typing: “God bless Kate Oates, she’s got her work cut out when you’re writing this guff. If I forget the fair ground disaster episode, and the famous ‘get den watts’ line, this is the single worst episode ever – all I’ll say is thank god for Jean Slater.”

Alfie dead
And the award for Best Corpse Impersonator goes to… Alfie Moon! (Credit: BBC)

Jean’s offerings of tea and buttered crumpets while Alfie lay ‘dead’ on the floor had viewers in stitches.

Has Hayley lost her baby for good? Would Alfie really turn his back on Kat and his sons?

And where IS he?

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