EastEnders fans baffled by soap’s apparent biscuit obsession!

Did you notice?

If you felt a bit peckish during last night’s episode of EastEnders, there was a very good reason.

In fact, many soap fans might have found themselves reaching for the biscuit tin, as Thursday night’s double bill (14 March) aired on the BBC.

Rainie got the munchies during a Narcotics Anonymous meeting (Credit: BBC)

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In the first of a two-parter, two of the main storylines including Rainie Branning and Jean Slater saw the protagonists munching away… on biscuits.

Rainie was seen arriving at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting clutching a large handful of biscuits in one hand, which she proceeded to munch on throughout the scene.

In fact, we have to admit, the way she was eating the sweet treats made her look like she hadn’t eaten for some time!

Anybody else feeling peckish? (Credit: BBC)

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As if Rainie’s public indulgence wasn’t enough to make viewers feel ravenous, a tense moment with Jean Slater was also given some light relief when she shared a biscuit with little Lily who was hiding in a box (long story!).

Viewers had seen the matriarch hide herself away in a caravan on a campsite, despite her family’s attempts to draw her out and face the horrible truth that she has cancer.

When Jean refused to let anyone in, her granddaughter Lily came up with a cunning plan to get inside the property instead…

Even the box fancied a biscuit during the episode! (Credit: BBC)

She hid in a box and was delivered to Jean!

Once she had been discovered, the pair had a sweet (no pun intended) conversation where Lily persuaded her grandmother to return home.

When Jean agreed, they sealed the deal with… another packet of biscuits.

Viewers watching at home started to think the soap was deliberately promoting the savoury snack, with one claiming: “Tonight’s episode is sponsored by… biscuits.”

Another said: “Why all the biscuits? I want biscuits now.”

A third joked: “Anyone fancy a biscuit after watching #EastEnders?”

“What’s with the whole biscuit thing tonight? #EastEnders,” questioned another.

What with EastEnders being sandwiched between two episodes of MasterChef last night, no wonder viewers were feeling hungry!

We won’t know about you guys, but we’re off to buy some biccies…

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