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EastEnders fans baffled as Whitney fails to escape out of the window

She's been kidnapped by Michaela

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EastEnders fans were left shouting at their televisions last night as Whitney Dean failed to escape from kidnapper Michaela.

We only caught a glimpse of poor old Whit on Monday’s EastEnders as her friends and family back home spent most of the episode covering for her believing she’d fled.

But viewers know Leo’s crazed mum, Michaela, is holding her hostage.

EastEnders Whitney door
A distressed Whitney was banging on the door in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

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Where is Whitney in EastEnders?

Right at the end, we saw Whitney banging on the door of a grim, dark bedsit, begging to be let out.

But as the shot panned back to reveal where she was, it showed what many thought to be a glaringly obvious escape route.

Behind Whit was a huge window, that many viewers think she could have easily smashed. At the very least, she’d likely have had more luck banging on that for help than the door.

It is of course possible the window is double glazed and not easy to smash…

Why is Whitney being held hostage?

It’s fair to say it’s not been a great year for Whitney, after she got involved with evil Leo before realising who he was.

Leo turned out to be the son of her former abuser Tony King, and Leo was out to avenge his father.

He lured Whitney into his trap, then bizarrely fell in love with her.

After she discovered who he was and rejected him, he went back to the revenge plan.

Hiding in her loft, he stalked her for days before trying to kill her. Whitney ended up stabbing him in self-defence, but instead of calling the police she called Mick Carter.

Whitney stabbed Leo and called Mick for help (Credit: BBC)
Whitney stabbed Leo and called Mick for help (Credit: BBC)

The pair decided to leave the body to be found by someone else and cover up the crime.

Whitney later handed herself into the police and was sent to jail.

Solicitor Gray Atkins managed to find enough evidence to get her out on bail, but Whitney is still terrified of going to prison.

Whit is terrified of going back inside (Credit: BBC)
Whit is terrified of going back inside (Credit: BBC)

Last week, she planned to flee and wrote goodbye letters to all her family.

She changed her mind, however, failed to destroy the letters…

When Michaela then took her hostage at knifepoint, everyone just assumed Whitney had done a runner.

What happens next?

EastEnders Whitney Michaela
Whitney screams for help, but will it come (Credit: BBC)

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Tonight, it’s revealed Whitney still has the burner phone from Max, unbeknownst to Michaela.

Whit will scream for help, but will Max spring into action and be able to save her?

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