Bex Fowler

EastEnders fans accuse soap of ‘forgetting’ Bex’s mental health storyline

She attempted suicide last month

Last month, EastEnders character Bex Fowler almost died after taking an overdose in a bid to end her own life.

Sad scenes showed the teenager struggling in silence as she battled anxiety and depression – all unbeknownst to her family.

Sonia tries to wake Bex after suicide attempt
Sonia found Bex after she’d taken an overdose of pills and alcohol (Credit: BBC)

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With mum Sonia pressurising her into going to Oxford University, her dad on the run from the police, and a recent run-in with Hunter and a gun, Bex found life too difficult…

Writing a letter to her parents, she took an overdose of pills and alcohol – but was luckily found in time by her mum Sonia.

Martin rushed back to be by Bex’s side, and she’s since received therapy for her troubles.

Martin wasn't there for daughter Bex in her hour of need (Credit: BBC)
Martin wasn’t there for daughter Bex in her hour of need (Credit: BBC)

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But some EastEnders fans believe the storyline should have been followed up, and not ‘binned’.

Writing on Digital Spy Forums, one said: “Have EastEnders dropped the Bex’s depression storyline since her suicide attempt? It feels like they’ve just binned it off instead of following it up.

“I’d personally like to see Bex still struggling with her mental health and eventually opening up to her family and friends about thoughts and feelings. This happens a lot with storylines in soaps, where they don’t follow things up.”

Bex in hospital after suicide attempt
Bex in hospital after her suicide attempt (Credit: BBC)

Another agreed, saying: “It feels like it’s been nothing but a plot device to bring Martin back, mixed in with a plot device to facilitate Lacey Turner’s maternity leave.”

A third said: “This is producer Kate Oates for you, goes for the ‘shock value’ but lacks when it comes to follow up.

“Look when she did the suicide on Coronation Street, even her most devoted fans said the suicide episode was great but the aftermath was crap.

“Mick’s depression seemed to go overnight, just got mentioned the other day as a plot device, he had to get his pills so that’s why Linda was driving the car.”

Kush's heart problem has been long forgotten say viewers (Credit: BBC)
Kush’s heart problem has been long forgotten say viewers (Credit: BBC)

The viewer added: “Kush’s heart is only used for plot device now like when he was seeing Kat in secret and went to see her at the hospital when she was with Jean and said to Jean he was going for heart check up.

“And Ian Beale‘s diabetes is now non-existent!”

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