EastEnders’ Danny Walters defends getting his kit off for Keanu role

His clothes just seem to drop off!

Sharon Mitchell and Keanu Taylor’s affair has seen the pair ripping each other’s clothes off at every available opportunity.

Although a certain secret blackmailer has dampened their spirits a bit of late…

And while Keanu’s healthy sex life often involves his clothes falling off, actor Danny Walters has admitted he has no problem with the nudity on the show – so long as it’s essential for the script.

Keanu Taylor Topless on the phone
Keanu Taylor: Topless on the phone (Credit: BBC)

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In an interview with The Sun, Danny said: “I’ve always said to myself as long as the scenes serve purpose for the story, which they have, and it adds to the story and the complexity and the layer to the story.

“It showcases their fun side as well, because we know this storyline isn’t always going to be fun – there are going to be repercussions, there are going to be secrets that get told and there’s going to be drama.

“We’ve tried to build a whole picture and hopefully we’ve achieved that.”

Keanu Taylor topless
Keanu Taylor: Topless in a doorway (Credit: BBC)

The 25-year-old actor – whose character is only 19 – also teased the upcoming clash between Keanu and his lover’s husband Phil.

He said: “There’s a lot at stake and they both know the repercussions and they’re both very aware of what they’re doing.

“There’s still a lot to find out about Keanu with his background and we still don’t know what Keanu is really capable of.

“We do know Phil Mitchell’s reputation but we don’t know Keanu’s reputation in full yet.”

Keanu Taylor: Topless with a tea towel (Credit: BBC)

He added: “Keanu is definitely aware of the repercussions, and there are times when he has to think about what could happen to him and their relationship.”

Ultimately, Danny admits that Keanu “is in love with Sharon” which means he’s “not thinking straight”.

Meanwhile, soap fans have been busy speculating about who is blackmailing Keanu and Sharon about their affair and threatening to tell Phil.

Favourite suspects include Hunter Owen, Louise Mitchell and Hayley Slater.

However, the latest theory is that Grant Mitchell is the person with the incrimination audio file.

All will be revealed…

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