The EastEnders characters to kill off in 2019

These characters have come to the end of their time in Walford

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After a couple of years struggling EastEnders is on the rebound but it still has some way to go.

With new boss Kate Oates, the BBC soap could rise to the top again, but only if it gets rid of some of its deadwood.

So here are five characters who we think should be killed off in 2019.

Bev Slater

Bev is pure evil and one that has to go (Credit: BBC)

There has rarely been a character hated after such a small amount of time on screen as Bev Slater.

The vile mother of Hayley Slater quickly made her mark as an evil piece of work as she taunted her pregnant daughter and told her repeatedly to have a termination.

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She left her bleeding and terrified on the street, and then later returned to try to flog Hayley’s baby to the highest bidder in sickening scenes.

Most characters can be redeemed, but not Bev – she must go.

Stuart Highway

Linda and Stuart EastEnders (Credit: BBC iPlayer)
Stuart is one of the most hated characters in EastEnders history (Credit: BBC)

The only character to make Bev Slater seem human, Stuart Highway has been a disaster of a human ever since he arrived.

First a paedophile hunter, then just an out and out psychopath, Stuart’s level of madness is beyond anything seen in soapland before.

His burning jealously of Mick remained dormant for decades until his brother Halfway arrived in Walford, and it’s taken over the Carters in the year since.

Viewers are clamouring for Stuart to be killed off in the most vicious way possible – as long as it comes soon.

Tina Carter

Tina Carter EastEnders
Time to say goodbye to Tina? (Credit: BBC)

Tina Carter hasn’t had a solid storyline in about a decade.

She is the weakest link in the Carter clan and other than moping about the cafe or conveniently remembering some form of torture she went through as a teenager despite never having mentioned it before, she’s not got much going for her.

The Carters need a gritty, grounded emotional storyline to bring them all together and that means one of them is going to have to die.

And with Mick and Linda immune to death, and Shirley being far too much of a woman to be killed in Walford, that leaves Tina. It’s not like she would be missed.

Max Branning

EastEnders SPOILER: Max Branning furious as plan to adopt baby Abi suffers setback
Is it time for Max to leave Walford? (Credit: BBC)

Max has been gone for a bit from EastEnders now he has custody of baby Abi but it’s time for him to go permanently.

Actor Jake Wood could make even the worst EastEnders plotlines into gold, but he shouldn’t have to.

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The scheming businessman has done too much to stay anymore and unlike his daughter Abi, there’s nowhere else for him to go.

It’s time for the show to take the brave step and say goodbye to the villain for good.

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