EastEnders: Bev’s evil plan leaves Hayley horrified

Can anyone save the new mum?

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As Hayley Slater beings to adapt to motherhood, her own mum, Bev, is determined to convince her she can’t do it.

It turns out, Bev has a plan in mind and when Hayley finds out what it is, she doesn’t know which way to turn.

Hayley feels like she’s actually doing OK when she manages to settle her little girl. But Bev continues to criticise her every effort in an attempt to put her off being a mum.

Hayley settles her little girl, but Bev continues to pick holes in her parenting (Credit: BBC)

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Bev tells Hayley she must need a break and to go and get some fresh air, promising to look after the baby. But when Hayley leaves, Bev sneakily takes a picture of her granddaughter, hatching a plan…

Hayley arrives home and overhears her mum on the phone and what she hears horrifies her.

Hayley can’t believe what Bev’s suggesting (Credit: BBC)

She snatches the mobile and demands to know what’s going on. As Bev tries to manipulate her into believing the plan is best for the baby, Hayley is left totally confused. What is Bev cooking up?

Hayley’s furious, upset and confused (Credit: BBC)

Unsure where to turn, Hayley secretly calls Jean for help. Jean’s been the one who’s supported Hayley throughout the whole pregnancy and is also the only one who knows the baby daddy’s true identity.

Unfortunately, as Jean heads out to meet up with Hayley, Bev, who’s overheard the call, intercepts Jean and tells her to stay away. Frightened Jean agrees.

But what Bev doesn’t know is Kat also heard the call and is on her way to see Hayley – and Kat’s not a pushover.

Kat wants to help Hayley (Credit: BBC)

Hayley admits to her cousin that Bev wants her to give the baby up and a furious Kat doesn’t hold back when Bev returns home, letting her know exactly what she thinks.

As the arguing gets worse, an upset and confused Hayley leaves and once alone, Bev offers Kat a cut of the cash if she can persuade Hayley to get on board.

Kat gives Bev a piece of her mind, but will she be swayed? (Credit: BBC)

Will Kat agree to take the money and throw Hayley to the wolves?

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Kat’s been begrudgingly supportive of Hayley, but we all know she might feel very differently if she knew who the baby’s father was – her estranged husband, Alfie.

And with Alfie set to make a shock return this week, things are about to get very very messy indeed in the Slater household.

Meanwhile, Hayley finally bonded with her baby after the little one was rushed to hospital while in the care of the Ahmeds. Unfortunately, Bev’s meddling has made her doubt herself once again.

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EastEnders airs Monday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One. There is no Friday episode this week due to Children In Need.

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