EastEnders: Bernadette Taylor needs a romance storyline, say fans

Bernie first made an appearance in 2017

EastEnders fans have called for a romance storyline for Bernadette Taylor.

Bernie first appeared on the BBC soap in 2017, as part of the Taylor/Baker family.

The character came out to her mother Karen on New Year’s Eve 2018. But now fans want to see Bernie get a new romance storyline.

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Fans want a new romance for Bernie (Credit: BBC)

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Speaking in a Digital Spy forum, one san said: “Bernie had some big storylines when she first arrived – underage sex, teen pregnancy, miscarriage, exploring her sexuality and coming out.

“It’s a shame Bernie has now been side-lined, so what stories do you suggest for the character?

“I would definitely develop a friendship between Bobby and Bernie.

“Also a romance for Bernie and Mila – make Mila a full-time character.”

Bernie’s family supported her when she came out (Credit: BBC)

A second fan said: “Like to see her get a romantic partner.”

A third added: “Probably a new relationship story will come up soon. Not sure who with.”

Another commented: “Bernie should be turning 18 this year. It would be nice to see her going to college/uni and complete a course. She could also meet some news friends or get a girlfriend whilst there.”

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Shortly after moving to Albert Square, Karen noticed Bernie had a craving for cheese and onion crisps.

She confronted her and they soon discovered Bernie was pregnant.

Despite her young age, the teenager was excited to be a mother and Karen was thrilled to be having another grandchild.

But at 18 weeks, Bernie began to have pains in her stomach. She later gave birth prematurely to a stillborn baby girl, leaving the Taylor and Baker family devastated.

Bernie and the baby’s father, a boy named Callum, decided to name their daughter Belle and had a memorial for her.

A few years later, Bernie developed feelings for her best friend Tiffany, who later went on to marry Bernie’s brother Keegan.

Bernie came out to her mum on New Year’s Eve 2018 (Credit: BBC)

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She came out to her mum Karen and in July 2019, the Taylor and Baker family attended pride to support Bernie.

More recently Bernie was devastated when she discovered her sister Chantelle had died. However Chantelle’s family have no idea she was murdered by husband Gray, who had been abusing her.

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