EastEnders: Ben and Phil will be blamed for Kush’s murder, fans predict

Kush was killed by Gray

EastEnders viewers are predicting Ben and Phil Mitchell will be blamed for Kush Kazemi’s murder.

Last year, Kush took part in a robbery with Ben, Phil, Shirley Carter and Kat Slater. However Kush was the only one caught by police.

Kush agreed to take full blame for the robbery. But in recent months, he fell for his friend Whitney Dean and the two got engaged.

Gray and Whitney got engaged recently (Credit: BBC)

Not wanting to serve a longer sentence and be away from Whitney for longer than he had to, Kush told the court that Ben, Phil and Shirley were behind the robbery.

He was told if he helped with a bigger investigation into the Mitchells, he was free to go.

Phil’s solicitor, Gray, has also had a problem with Kush after discovering his relationship with his friend and childminder Whitney.

In Monday’s episode of the BBC soap (April 19) Gray told Phil that after what Kush said in court there wasn’t much room for manoeuvre.

Gray killed Kush (Credit: BBC)

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Later Kush realised that Whitney was planning to leave Walford and followed her, Kush and Kush’s son Arthur to the tube station.

When Whitney took Arthur to the toilet, Gray approached Kush and was furious when he figured out they were planning to leave for good.

During a physical altercation, Gray ended up on the tracks and Kush managed to help him back onto the platform.

But in a horrid twist, Gray pushed Kush onto the tracks and he as hit by a tube train seconds later.

EastEnders: Ben and Phil to be blamed for Kush’s death?

In last night’s scenes (Tuesday, April 20) Phil and ben were released pending further investigation.

But Ben pointed out all the police had was the word of Kush, who is now dead.

Ben showed no sympathy for Kush and called him a “grass.” However Phil said whatever Kush did, he didn’t deserve to die.

Soon Callum pointed out to his fiancé that it was a strange coincidence that Kush died after everything that happened.

Ben showed no sympathy for Kush (Credit: BBC)

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Ben told him he had another to do with Kush’s death and Callum believed him.

However later, Callum revealed to Gray that the CCTV in the station wasn’t working, meaning there’s no evidence showing what really happened to Kush.

But fans think that Ben and Phil will end up being blamed for Kush’s murder.

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