EastEnders: As Jay and Honey grow close, Walford’s most messed-up couples

Some of these relationships were very toxic!

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EastEnders is known for it’s dramatic storylines and strange love-stories and messed up couples. But as Honey and Jay grow close, who are the most messed up couples?

EastEnders: Honey and Jay

In tonight’s episode of EastEnders (Tuesday, December 29) viewers saw Honey Mitchell confess to Jay Brown that she has feelings for him.

But it’s not easy for them just to be together as Honey is the ex-wife of Jay’s father-figure, Billy Mitchell.

However this isn’t the first questionable couple in Walford. Here are a list Walford’s most messed up couple, chosen by Entertainment Daily soap critic Charlotte Rodrigues.

EastEnders: As Jay and Honey grow close, who are Walford’s most messed-up couples?

1. Chantelle and Gray Atkins

Gray kills Chantelle EastEnders
Gray killed Chantelle. But will the truth come out? (Credit: BBC)

To the outside world of Walford, Gray and Chantelle had the perfect life.

However viewers know Chantelle was living a nightmare behind the closed doors.

Fans have been left sickened by the abuse Chantelle has been subjected to at the hands of husband Gray.

But things got much worse earlier this year when Chantelle tried to leave her abuser.

He ended up pushing Chantelle onto a dishwasher which ha a knife facing upwards.

Instead of helping her, Gray left his wife to die and made her death look like an accident.

2. Whitney Dean and Leo King

Leo stalked Whitney before she killed him (Credit: BBC)

Whitney thought she had finally found Mr Right when she met Leo.

Little did she know, he was the son of Tony King, the man who abused her as a child.

But Leo soon showed his true colours when he spied on Whitney from the loft, before trying to kill her.

She finished him off in self-defence and was recently found not-guilty for his death.

3. Ian Beale and Mel Owen

Ian lied to Mel about his daughter being ill (Credit: BBC)

Just as the millennium was about to arrive, Mel Owen tied the knot with Ian Beale.

Clearly punching above his weight, Ian lied to Mel that daughter Lucy had cancer.

She agreed to marry him out of pity… only for his lies to be exposed just moments after they said ‘I do’.

That soon led to another divorce for Mr Beale.

4. Barry Evans and Janine Butcher

Janine killed Barry after marrying him for his money (Credit: BBC)

Convinced he was dying, Janine married Barry to get his hands on his money.

It was only once they got on their honeymoon that Barry announced he wasn’t dying after all, leaving Janine fuming.

Unable to bear him, Janine admitted that she had been having an affair before pushing Barry down a cliff to his death.

5. Denise Fox and Lucas Johnson

Lucas was a killer vicar. But he recently returned to Walford (Credit: BBC)

After framing Denise for murder and faking her suicide, Lucas killed a prostitute who looked like her and dumped the body in the canal.

But as her family mourned her, they had no idea Denise was being held hostage in the basement of the house next door.

Eventually killer Lucas realised the error of his ways and let Denise escape.

The extent of Lucas’s crimes were revealed and he did go to prison.

However Lucas recently returned to Walford having been released from prison.

I am seriously hoping they don’t try to get him and Denise back together.

6. Den and Angie Watts

Angie lied about being terminally ill (Credit: BBC)

Den and Angie had the original messed-up Walford marriage.

Their relationship was plagued by Den’s affairs and Angie’s drinking problem.

Eventually things came to a head when Den realised Angie had lied about having a terminal illness and served her divorce papers on Christmas Day.

7. Kat Moon and Derek Branning

EastEnders - Kat Moon
Kat cheated on Alfie with Derek! (Credit: BBC)

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Kat’s heart has always belonged to Alfie Moon… so imagine the shock when it was revealed she’d been having an affair.

But if that wasn’t bad enough, it was then revealed that nasty Derek Branning was the man she had been sleeping with.

Kat’s affair eventually lead to Alfie divorcing her before then going on to marry Roxy Mitchell.

8. Darren Miller and Heather Trott

Darren was a teeanger when he got Heather pregnant (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders kept fans guessing who the father of Heather’s baby could be for nine whole months.

Meanwhile Billy Mitchell, Phil Mitchell, Minty Peterson and Darren Miller were all lined up as the potential dad-to-be.

Eventually it was revealed that teenager Darren Miller was the father, leaving the nation stunned.

9. Phil Mitchell and Lisa Fowler

Lisa shot Phil. But the two seem to remain civil (Credit: BBC)

Phil and Lisa’s relationship was troubled from the start.

After ongoing emotional and mental abuse of her, Phil then went on to sleep with Lisa’s best friend, Mel.

Eventually the 2001 ‘Who Shot Phil’ storyline kept fans guessing for five weeks, only to reveal Lisa was the one who pulled the trigger.

Eventually the two became somewhat civil again. But let’s face it, it’s never the same after someone tries to kill you.

10. Sharon Watts and Grant Mitchell

Ross Kemp as Grant Mitchell with his TV fam Steve McFadden as Phil and Barbara Windsor as Peggy (Credit: BBC)
One word… Sharongate! (Credit: BBC)

Who can forget the love triangle between Grant Mitchell, wife Sharon and Grant’s brother, Phil?

Grant could never compete with Phil, and the storyline eventually climaxed in the infamous ‘Sharongate’ episode.

25.3 million viewers watched Grant discover his brother had been sleeping with his wife.

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