EastEnders: ALL of Max Branning’s exes over the years

Max has never been a one woman man

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EastEnders character Max Branning says goodbye to Albert Square in tonight’s episode (Friday, February 19) after 15 years and we are taking a look back at all his exes.

During his time in Walford Max Branning has been married four times and had numerous affairs and flings.

But can you remember them all?

EastEnders Max Branning: Who were his lovers? Who was he married to?

Before his life in Walford, when he was 18, Max was married to a woman named Rachel and fathered a son named Bradley.

Max had an affair with Tanya Cross. When he discovered she was pregnant with his child, he left Rachel and Bradley.

Tanya and Max moved to Walford in 2006 (Credit: ITV)

Max came to Walford in 2006 and reunited with Bradley, who was now 18. He moved to Albert Square with Tanya and daughters Lauren and Abi.

Bradley married Stacey Slater but she and Max famously started an affair in 2006 which continued through 2007.

Max famously had an affair with Stacey (Credit: BBC)

During this time, Tanya fell pregnant and gave birth to their third child, a son called Oscar.

On Christmas Day 2007, their affair was exposed. Lauren put footage from Stacey and Bradley’s wedding day on a DVD as a present for Bradley, however she caught Max and Stacey kissing as he helped her get ready.

Max went on to have a relationship with Vanessa Gold and he even got engaged to her. But he only did this to make Tanya jealous and they began an affair.

Vanessa was not happy when she learnt of Max’s infidelity (Credit: BBC)

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When the affair was revealed, Max left Vanessa. Best to keep the bubbly in the fridge!

Tanya and Max got back together but he ended up sleeping with Roxy Mitchell.

EastEnders Max Branning: His marriages to Kirsty and Rainie

Max and Tanya planned to remarry, but a woman named Kirsty turned up claiming to be Max’s wife. It turns out Max and Kirsty did get married, however they eventually got divorced.

Tanya got a huge shock when Max’s wife Kirsty turned up (Credit: BBC)

In 2018, Max and Tanya’s sister Rainie Cross got married in order to get custody of Max’s granddaughter and Rainie’s great-niece Abi Branning Jr.

Abi’s parents Abi Branning and Stephen Beale both died.

Who did Max have relationships with?

During his 15 years in the soap, Max has also had relationships with Gemma Clewers, Lucy Beale, Emma Summerhayes, Karin Smart, Carmel Kazemi, Fi Browning, Ruby Allen and Linda Carter.

His relationship with Linda Carter

Max’s most recent relationship was with Linda Carter.

Linda began to feel like her husband Mick wasn’t interested in her anymore and began an affair with Max.

eastenders max and linda
Max recently had an affair with Linda Carter (Credit: BBC)

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However Mick revealed to Linda that he was abused as a child by the Katy Lewis, who worked in the care home he lived.

Linda ended her affair with Max, leaving him completely heartbroken. Now Max is leaving, where will he go to next?

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