EastEnders: 7 suspects who could be behind Phil Mitchell’s attack

Phil is going to be attacked!

Walford residents will be left shocked when Phil Mitchell is attacked in tonight’s episode of EastEnders (July 20 2019).

But who is behind it?

Entertainment Daily has put together a list of the top seven suspects we think could be behind Phil’s attack.

Ben Mitchell

Ben Mitchell EastEnders
Ben is Phil’s son (Credit: BBC)

It’s no secret that Ben is out after his dad’s cash and in last night’s episode (July 29 2019) Ben found out how much the E20 club was worth.

He also managed to find a gun in the safe and hinted to his daughter’s mother Lola that he would kill his dad.

However, Ben still hasn’t found out that his inheritance would go to Keanu should Phil die, as Phil changed his will and hasn’t told Ben.

Will Ben try to kill his dad?

Sharon Mitchell

Sharon is Phil's wife EastEnders
Sharon is Phil’s wife (Credit: BBC)

Sharon’s currently in hot water after she received the results of her pre-natal DNA test revealing that her husband Phil wasn’t the father of her unborn child, meaning her stepdaughter’s fiancé Keanu Taylor is the daddy.

After Sharon found out the baby’s paternity, she ripped the letter up and put it into a purple plastic bag.

She later dumped the bag in a bin on Albert Square.

Unfortunately for Sharon, Bailey and Keanu’s half-brother Keegan were working on Bailey’s recycling project for school and came across the letter.

Although they didn’t read it, they did dump it in the Arches in order to get back at the Mitchells for the amount of rubbish they produce.

Does Phil see the results revealing that he isn’t the dad? What extent will Sharon go to to make sure he never reads that letter?

Keanu Taylor

Keanu EastEnders
Keanu is the father of Sharon’s and Louise’s baby (Credit: BBC)

Keanu is Phil’s mechanic and his daughter’s fiancé.

Keanu previously had an affair with Phil’s wife Sharon. Despite going out with Phil’s daughter Louise, Keanu and Sharon did end up sleeping together once again after he thought he and Louise were over for good.

Sharon recently found out she was carrying Keanu’s baby after the pre-natal results showed Phil wasn’t the father.

Will Keanu be the one who attacks Phil?

Stacey Slater

Stacey EastEnders
Stacey spent Phil’s money (Credit: BBC)

The Slaters were recently forced to give back the money that Alfie stole from Phil around Christmas.

Kat had the money hidden away but Stacey recently stole the money in order to get a solicitor to go against Kat and Kush for joint custody of her son Arthur.

However, Phil noticed Stacey was splashing the cash and became suspicious.

After asking Shirley to get the information out of Jean, Phil gave the Slaters an ultimatum – return the money by 6pm that day and there will be no repercussions.

Is Stacey the attacker?

Kat Slater

Kat Slater Jessie Wallace EastEnders
Kat Slater is Stacey’s cousin (Credit: BBC)

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Kat’s husband Alfie was the man who originally stole Phil’s money.

The Slaters gave the cash back, but could Phil still be after revenge?

What lengths would Kat go to to protect her family?

Lola Pearce

Lola EastEnders
Lola is the father of Ben’s daughter (Credit: BBC)

Lola is the father of Ben’s daughter Lexi.

The reason Lola and Ben returned was because they planned to take Phil’s money, however upon discovering he was broke they realised they would need to put more work in.

Ben suggested to Phil they build up the Mitchell empire, but he was secretly planning to take his father’s money.

When Phil got wind of Ben’s plan he kept his son at arms length, but now Sharon is expecting, Phil asked Ben to help out running the club.

As Ben found out how much the club was worth, he told Lola.

Will she try to kill Phil in attempt to get his money?

Lisa Fowler

Lisa Fowler in EastEnders
Lisa is Phil’s ex-husband (Credit: BBC)

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Lisa Fowler hasn’t been seen on screen since 2017.

Back in 2001, Phil was shot outside of his home. There were multiple suspects however a month after he was shot, it was revealed that Phil’s wife (at the time) Lisa was the culprit.

It was confirmed Lisa will return this year – could she be the culprit?

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