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EastEnders in 2022 – who’s leaving and who’s coming to Walford?

We're saying goodbye to Mick

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Who’s leaving EastEnders in 2022? The soap has aired a surprise exit last week as Maddy Hill departed as Nancy Carter.

And this week, another face is set to leave the Square, which has been revealed in the newly released EastEnders box set of the week’s episodes on iPlayer.

And there are a lot more people on the way out too.

Here are all the cast changes for EastEnders in 2022.

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Who’s leaving EastEnders in 2022?

Rainie left Walford (Credit: BBC)

Rainie Highway

With husband Stuart in the midst of male postnatal depression, he doesn’t want to know their new son, Roland.

Rainie has struggled to keep it all together, but in tonight’s episode (Monday June 27) surrogate Bernie steps and tells Rainie she can have Roland, but only if she leaves Stuart.

Stuart overhears the ultimatum and ends their marriage, so Rainie can have the baby she so desperately desires.

Rainie decides her only option is to leave Walford.

As Karen tries to get through to Stuart before it’s too late, will he turn up to meet her and get her to stay?

Rainie does depart, but is this for good? Or will she be back?

Actress Tanya Franks has played Rainie for four years, but is this the last we’ll see of her?

EastEnders Nancy Carter looks hurt and upset
Life in Walford hasn’t exactly been easy for Nancy (Credit: BBC)

Nancy Carter

Nancy had her heart broken by Zack Hudson last week and left the soap.

Zack cheated on her with Sam Mitchell and despite him then proposing to Nancy, she ended things and departed Walford.

Nancy had only returned to the soap just over a year ago, but Maddy Hill, who plays her, explained she felt like it was time to move on.

“It’s been great revisiting Nancy and the Square over the past year but it felt like the right time to move on for now,” she told Digital Spy.

“I already miss everyone and feel so grateful to work with people I have so much love for.”

EastEnders Feb 11 Mick nurses a hangover as Shirley makes it clear he’s not forgiven.
Danny Dyer is departing the soap as Mick Carter (Credit: BBC)

Mick Carter

The Carter clan are going to be seriously depleted this year after EastEnders confirmed that Danny Dyer is leaving as Mick Carter after nine years in the role.

A statement posted to their Instagram account revealed: “Danny Dyer will be leaving EastEnders later in the year.

“Danny has said ‘I am leaving EastEnders. It’s time to roll the dice and take the leap. I love everybody here and (EastEnders) has been amazing for me… it’s an important part of television. Mick’s exit is going to be a very powerful thing.'”

The message continued: “As his departure isn’t for some time we are able to plan a huge story for Mick.

“With Linda returning to Walford very soon, the Carters will be at the heart of some very big drama in 2022!”

Linda is back and Mick is dating Janine, but who will he end up with?

Will Stuart reunite with Rainie? (Credit: BBC)

Stuart Highway

Hot on the heels of wife Rainie, Stuart will also be leaving Walford.

But does this mean they will reunite and have a happy ever after?

After battling male breast cancer, Stuart is now struggling with postnatal depression.

But will Rainie’s departure make him want to fight for his marriage? Will he go after her and beg her to take him back?

It’s understood Ricky Champ, who plays Stuart, will film his final scenes later this year.

Lola’s has had a tough time lately (Credit: BBC)

Lola Pearce

After a tough few months Lola Pearce, played by Danielle Harold, has reportedly been axed by Chris Clenshaw.

Although neither EastEnders nor Danielle have commented on the news, the 29-year-old actress was said to be left in tears by the decision.

According to The Sun: “Dan was in pieces. The cull came out of the blue.

“She was not expecting the chop because her character has been a firm favourite with viewers. She’ll be written out with no option to return.”

‘No option of return’ has lead to rumours she will be killed off.

And her departure is likely to be this summer.

EastEnders Peter is shocked by what he's told
Will we get another Peter Beale in the future? (Credit: BBC)

Peter Beale

Dayle Hudson became the seventh person to play Peter Beale in 2020, but he will leave after new producer Chris Clenshaw decided to mix things up.

Peter is about to be embroiled in a love triangle with Dana Munroe and his brother Bobby.

Things with Bobby are already strained given Peter’s struggle to forgive his brother for murdering Peter’s twin sister, Lucy.

But will this push the brothers even further apart?

Or can Peter reconcile with his family before he goes?

EastEnders Fri Jan 28 Dana calls in sick
Dana will be leaving soon too (Credit: BBC)

Dana Munroe

Speaking of Dana, Barbara Smith, who plays her, has also fallen under Chris Clenshaw’s axe.

Dana has been on the Square since April 2021 and was Bobby Beale’s first love.

However she’s now falling for Peter.

Despite her father Harvey now a local on the Square, Dana will be leaving for pastures new this summer.

Will she leave with Peter? Or will she end up going off to university as she always planned?

EastEnders Jada looks worried
Is Sharon about to lose her granddaughter too? (Credit: BBC)

Jada Lennox

Jada Lennox, played by Kelsey Calladine-Smith, arrived in Walford in 2021 with Sharon Watts’ granddaughter, Alyssa.

Sharon took them both in and is trying to make Jada a better person and mother, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to work because Jada is off.

But will she take Alyssa with her?


Suki looks unsure after Eve tried to kiss her in EastEnders
Suki is struggling with the news her husband is coming back (Credit: BBC)

Mr Panesar

Suki’s, as-yet unnamed, husband, father to her kids Kheerat, Jags (deceased), Ash and Vinny, is in prison.

But Suki has had notice that he is set to be released from prison and he wants her to provide him with a fixed address.

And it’s clear she’s terrified.

She admits to Eve later this week he was emotionally abusive. He’d belittle and humiliate her, and it soon becomes clear she was the victim of coercive control.

Will she fall victim again when he is released from prison?

Avery Baker and brother Mitch look serious in EastEnders promo shot
Avery has a secret (Credit: BBC)

Avery Baker

Mitch Baker’s brother, Avery arrives on the Square next week.

Always on the verge of causing trouble, it doesn’t take Avery long to cause a few heads to turn but just what brings him to Albert Square?

And how will Mitch react to seeing his brother for the first time in years?

It will soon become apparent that Avery is hiding a huge secret from his brother.

But can these estranged siblings make amends?

Felix, Avery and Finlay Baker pose in the Square
Felix and Finlay arrive with their dad (Credit: BBC)

Felix and Finlay Baker

Avery won’t be arriving alone as his two sons Finlay and Felix will follow him soon after.

The youngest of the two brothers, larger than life Felix will throw himself into life in Albert Square, but with his quick-wit and frank honesty he’ll be sure to stir up some drama along the way.

Older half-brother Finlay has a different biological dad but was raised by Avery soon after birth.

Finlay has sailed through life using his cheeky charm but is set to face a wake-up call as he begins life in Walford.

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