seb franklin dies in coronation street

Corrie star dropped Seb Franklin death spoiler by accident WEEKS ago

The actress accidentally teased the news weeks ago

Corrie star Tanisha Gorey accidentally dropped a huge spoiler about Seb Franklin’s death weeks ago.

Viewers have known about the hate crime attack storyline for just under two weeks.

It saw Nina Lucas and Seb attacked by Corey Brent’s gang of thugs.

But it was only revealed last night (May 7) that Seb had died from his injuries.

Seb died in Coronation Street after a vicious attack
Seb’s death left Corrie viewers heartbroken (Credit: ITV)

What was the Corrie Seb spoiler?

One eagle-eyed fan spotted a tease about Seb’s fate in a backstage video posted by actress Tanisha, who plays Asha Alahan.

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She posted a picture of Corey actor Maximus Evans on set in a smart suit – from the court case, it appears.

It showed him posing in his all black suit and tie combo.

The fan told The Sun: “It felt like a huge spoiler to me and I was shocked she put it up!

“It basically gave away that Corey would end up in court.

“As soon as Seb and Nina were attacked I was really worried one of them would die – it’s the only reason he’d be up in court.”

According to the newspaper, Tanisha took the post down shortly after posting it.

Moment Seb Franklin dies in Coronation Street

Coronation Street bosses managed to keep the news of Seb’s death a secret until it broadcast – and it left fans devastated.

As soon as Seb and Nina were attacked I was really worried one of them would die – it’s the only reason he’d be up in court.

In harrowing scenes Abi was told her son had died.

“Sebastian failed the brain stem tests,” the doctor told her.

“His brain is no longer sending messages to his body. We were increasing the amount of organ support for Seb but I’m afraid it wasn’t working and his body has shut down.

“There was nothing more we could do and his heart has stopped. I’m so very sorry, he has died.”

Actress Tanisha accidentally leaked the news (Credit: ITV)

How did viewers react to the Corrie storyline?

With that Abi collapsed to the floor in cries of anguish and viewers felt it with her.

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One said: “Kudos and applause for @sallycarman1 tonight. Had me near tears as Abi said goodbye to her son. #corrie.”

Another added: “Truly heartbreaking episodes tonight.

“Hard to believe Seb has been killed off, really gonna miss him, he and Nina where so good together.

“It’s so sad to see it end like this for them. Heartbreaking and poor Abi. Brilliant acting especially from Sally #Corrie.”

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