Corrie SPOILER: Tim discovers Gina’s true feelings

Does he feel the same though?

It’s been obvious to everybody but Tim Metcalfe that his sister-in-law Gina Seddon is in love with him, but he’s set to discover how she really feels next week.

With wife Sally in prison, Tim has been relying pretty heavily on Gina’s help to keep the house and family afloat.

Although Sal would prefer not to be banged up, she’s making the most of life inside and rallying the prisoners to fight for better conditions and recreational classes. And far from being annoyed by her meddling, the other inmates are actually impressed!

Sally rallies the troops in prison (Credit: ITV)

Gina isn’t, though, and worried about the impact Sally’s behaviour might have on Tim on the outside, points out to her sister that her days as mayor are over. Sally takes offence and tells Gina she never wants to see her again.

Gina tells Sally a few home truths (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile, Dev has decided he wants Gina back and invites her on a date. She agrees to go, but in a foul mood after her row with Sally, and not really on board with a reconciliation with Dev after he hurt her last time, things end badly.

Dev’s chat doesn’t impress Gina (Credit: ITV)

Gina leaves the Bistro and heads home to cosy up with Tim instead.

Gina’s feelings for Tim haven’t gone unnoticed and the factory girls are soon teasing her about their set up. Gina brushes it off, but Fiz notices something that worries her and later confronts Gina.

Insisting she and Tim are just good mates, Gina thinks she’s convinced Fiz, but Fiz isn’t so sure and goes to Geoff with her suspicions.

Gina tries to convince Fiz she’s got it wrong (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Paula is on the case sorting Sally’s release and an excited Sal reveals her plans to Tim to turn Gina’s room into a yoga studio when she gets out.

Faye later lets slip the idea to Gina and a devastated Gina turns to Tim. He assures her they need her more than ever now.

Geoff clocks Gina’s elation at Tim’s words and decides it’s time to tell his son the truth.

Geoff is onto Gina (Credit: ITV)

He takes Tim aside and explains that Gina has feelings for him. Tim’s stunned and had no idea Gina looked at him that way.

Tim decides he needs to take action to make it clear he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings. He takes her on his next prison visit to Sally and in front of Gina expresses his undying love and devotion for his wife.

Gina is horrified when she realises Tim knows she likes him (Credit: ITV)

Gina realises pretty quick he’s worked out she likes him, so she immediately sets about joining an online dating site to throw him off the scent. Tim’s relieved and tells Geoff they were obviously wrong and Gina doesn’t have feelings for him.

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But Connie Hyde, who plays Gina, has revealed it’s not that simple: “[Tim] unwittingly encourages her feelings and it’s mixed signals for Gina.”

She went on to add: “She’s a very volatile character and not so effective in reading the signs, the signs she reads are that he hugs her because he has feelings for her not just because they are friends.”

And Connie reckons Sally should be worried about her future with her hubby: “What’s out of sight is out of mind for Gina, she’s quite literal and could be misleading the signs.”

So could Sally find herself released from prison without a family and home to go back to? Will Gina have moved in on them?

“It’s a ready made family for Gina,” Connie revealed, “Gina embraces it and starts to enjoy it maybe a bit too much.”

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