Corrie SPOILER: Sinead reveals baby heartache

She's dealt a very cruel blow at her 12-week scan

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Sinead Tinker reveals her baby heartache to her auntie Beth next week as the storyline that will see the quirky machinist diagnosed with cervical cancer kicks off.

Sinead and Daniel are delighted to see their baby (Credit: ITV)

Sinead tells Beth that she’s 12 weeks pregnant, but then confesses that she’s been bleeding for four of them.

A horrified Beth tells her niece that she really needs to get the bleeding checked out but Sinead admits she’s afraid to find out that something is wrong with the baby.

As she and Daniel head off to the 12-week scan, Sinead is relieved to see that everything seems fine with her little bundle of joy and the couple are delighted to see their baby on screen.

But then Sinead sends Daniel off on a non-existent errand and tells the sonographer about the bleeding.

Hoping it’s nothing to be worried about, Sinead is thrown when she’s then examined by an obstetrician who tells her that there’s a lump on her cervix that needs to be looked at urgently.

Sinead hides the truth from Daniel (Credit: ITV)

Sinead is then gently told that it could be cancerous and if it is she’ll need chemotherapy and will possibly even need to consider terminating the pregnancy.

Sinead is mortified and heads home where Daniel tells her he had got a letter from his mum Denise with who he has a strained relationship.

As he tells her it means nothing to him because all he cares about is her and the baby, Sinead decides to keep the news to herself and secretly books herself in for a biopsy.

Will she reveal her heartache to Daniel or will she shoulder it alone, hoping it’s nothing serious?

Sinead recently revealed to Carla Connor that she’d been bleeding and was worried she was losing the baby, leading fans to fear the cancer storyline was about to kick off.

Sinead told Carla she’d been spotting (Credit: ITV)

Viewers took to Twitter to voice their concerns as the pregnant Underworld seamstress started bleeding and feared she was losing her baby.

After an argument with Carla about using some of the factory’s silk to mend a jacket for Cathy, Sinead was called into the office at work for a chat with her boss.

But just as Carla apologised for coming down on her so hard after Daniel revealed Sinead was in the family way, Sinead confessed she thought she might be spotting.

After being rushed to hospital, it seemed the baby was in the clear after tests confirmed all was well.

However as Daniel arrived to be by his fiancee’s side, it turned out the doctors wanted to do more tests on the expectant mum.

According to this is just the first of many times Sinead has bleeding in her pregnancy and eventually doctors will discover a life-altering diagnosis.

A source reportedly told the website: “Sinead and Daniel have everything to look forward to but this diagnosis will shatter everything.

Will the couple get through this? (Credit: ITV)

“Sinead will learn that she has cervical cancer and it will leave her with some impossible decisions to confront.

“Can she and Daniel stick together and will she survive? It all remains to be seen – but it’s destined to be emotional.”

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