Corrie SPOILER: Sinead puts her baby’s life first

But she's about to go behind Daniel's back yet again

Sinead Tinker’s cancer secret is out next week when she collapses in the loos at Underworld and is rushed to hospital.

Hubby Daniel Osbourne is horrified when he discovers just how poorly his pregnant wife is and even more so when she reveals that she’s refused treatment because it would mean losing their baby.

Sinead is rushed to hospital (Credit: ITV)

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Daniel tries to convince her to do anything that increases her chances of survival, but Sinead remains adamant that the baby’s life comes before hers, leaving Daniel heartbroken.

Later in the week Sinead reveals that now she’s past her first trimester she’s going to start mild chemotherapy which won’t harm the baby.

But when the oncologist arrives to prepare her for her treatment, it’s obvious that Sinead is terrified.

As a nurse collects a teary Sinead for her first session, Daniel reassures her that she’s doing the best thing for her and their baby.

After her first round of chemo, Daniel brings Sinead home and it’s obvious the treatment has left her feeling very weak.

Ken wants to come too (Credit: ITV)

But when the hospital call with her next appointment, Sinead tells them she can’t make it and will be in touch.

Unaware she’s refused treatment, Daniel reassures her and tells her that everything is going to be fine.

Actress Katie McGlynn recently revealed that her character will do anything it takes to keep her baby alive.

She said: “All the way through it she’s constantly thinking about the baby, even though she’s only around three months pregnant when she finds out that she might have cancer she’s still thinking about the baby.

“When they say to her you’ve got a lump, she says ‘is the baby OK?’. She’s got a maternal instinct straight away, she’s not thinking about herself.”

She has also convinced herself that it is somehow her fault that she could have cancer.

Will Daniel understand? (Credit: ITV)

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The actress revealed: “Heartbreak over blaming herself for the cancer because she had a termination – definitely.

“She says to the doctor when she finds out that it might be cancer, ‘I’ve had an abortion is that why?’.

“They assure her that it’s not but she still secretly blames herself because she thinks it is.”

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