Corrie SPOILER: Ryan’s arrested!

The DJ is in hot water over Cormac's dodgy death

Ryan Connor is arrested next week as the police find drugs on him when they come to talk to him again about the death of Cormac Truman.

Ryan is in big trouble (Credit: ITV)

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Drug dealer Cormac died after having a reaction to some pills he had on him. Ryan discovered him fitting, but in a panic failed to call an ambulance, calling his sort-of brother Ali Neeson instead.

Ali couldn’t help and was horrified when he found out that Ryan hadn’t called the paramedics in yet.

Ryan then lied to police, saying that he’d found Cormac dead when he got back to the flat and asked Sophie Webster to lie for him.

But when she confesses the truth, the police want to speak to Ryan again and when they arrive they find pills on him and arrest him.

At the station, Ryan is warned that if the pills match the ones that killed Cormac, he’ll be in very big trouble.

To be fair, he’s probably safer on the outside as Cormac’s terrifying dad – Ronan – has got wind that Ryan’s been arrested and is baying for his blood.

He warns Ryan’s mum Michelle that he’ll be waiting for the DJ when he gets out of prison.

Imran represents Ryan at his police interview (Credit: ITV)

Ryan is so terrified of Ronan that he actually smack a copper one just to make sure he’s not released!

Viewers will see Cormac suffer a fatal drug overdose at the Connors’ flat on Friday this week (September 28th) after a night out with Ryan, Sophie and Bethany.

But while Ryan isn’t directly to blame for the dealer’s death, he failed to call for an ambulance after panicking about the drugs involved, and instead called his sort-of-brother Ali.

Viewers will see doctor Ali fighting to save Cormac’s life at the end of this week, and is stunned when he asks Ryan how long the ambulance is going to be and he realises one hasn’t been called.

Because of Ryan’s delay in calling the emergency services, Cormac will die before the ambulance can reach him.

Ryan is taken in by police (Credit: ITV)

Determined to avoid any trouble, Ryan comes up with a story about how he left Cormac alone in the flat, and that when he got back his friend was already dead.

Michelle agrees that this is the best way to go, and the pair decide they need to get Sophie on their side.

Ryan tells her that he panicked when Cormac collapsed and didn’t call an ambulance quickly enough, begging Sophie to back up his story when the police question her.

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While Sophie reluctantly agrees to help Ryan out and protects her friend when the police arrive at Speed Daal to question her, Paula is fuming that her girlfriend has been put in such a tricky situation.

She’s desperate for Sophie to tell the truth, but will she listen?

Everyone knows that lying to the police never ends well, but could these lies land Sophie in trouble with her relationship as well as the police?

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