Corrie SPOILER: Rita and Audrey AT WAR

Is their friendship over as Rita lets rip?

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Rita and Audrey have been friends in Corrie since before most of us were born.

But that’s all set to change next week when Rita decides she’s had more than enough of Audrey’s selfish behaviour and pulls her up on it – which leads to an almighty row between the pair.

Coronation Street's Platt family destroyed by Audrey Roberts' romance with conman Lewis Archer
Audrey and Lewis have reunited (Credit: ITV)

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Rita is cross with Audrey for the way she’s treated her former employee Maria, who Rita is now helping to launch her own hairdressing business after Audrey failed to support her at her salon where Maria worked for years.

She’s also fuming with her friend for picking conman Lewis Archer over her own daughter Gail, despite the fact Lewis once pretended to be in love with Gail so he could steal £40k off her.

He convinced Gail he adored her and that they were going to spend the rest of their lives together in Italy, persuading her to take out a second mortgage on her home.

Lewis then fled the country, with the pocketed £40k.

Rita is livid with her friend (Credit: ITV)

He’s since returned, paid Gail back the money and has promised Audrey he’s a changed man and has only ever loved her, but her friends – in a shock twist – aren’t convinced by him at all.

No wonder Rita is furious at her friend.

Audrey listens as Rita goes for her full throttle, but will her words make any difference?

And can Lewis really be trusted?

Not according to Corrie fans who are CONVINCED they’ve spotted a link between Lewis and another fraudster, Duncan who is currently trying to frame Sally.

Will Reets and Auds make up before it’s too late? (Credit: ITV)

Eagle-eyed fans have noticed there are striking similarities between the two cobbles conmen.

Long-time viewers of Corrie know that Lewis swindled Gail out of £40,000 after seducing her and her mother.

He let her think he was going to use to the money for their new home, but disappeared leaving her with nothing.

But intriguingly the sum of £40,000 has surfaced with another conman on the cobbles over recent weeks.

Duncan, the man who is setting Sally Metcalfe up to take the rap for fraud at the council, stole that precise amount too.

Lewis Archer in Coronation Street
Fans are suspicious of Duncan and Lewis (Credit: ITV)

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Could Duncan have stolen the money from the council to pay the money into Gail’s account?

And has Lewis turned over a new leaf or is he setting up Gail to take the fall for Sally?

But is it too much of a coincidence? Or is there a secret connection between Lewis and Duncan?

And is it curtains for Rita and Audrey – or will they manage to patch up their differences?

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