Corrie SPOILER: Jude Appleton will pretend to be a doctor as he leaves soap for good

More lies await Mary as her son exits soap

Compulsive liar Jude Appleton will be found faking it as a doctor when his mum Mary Taylor finally tracks him down in Corrie.

Deluded Jude fled Weatherfield at the end of October after his lies about saving Roy Cropper were exposed.

But despite finally losing faith in her long lost son, Mary has still worried about Jude after he did a runner from her, his estranged wife Angie and their son George.

And in the New Year, a private investigator hired by Mary will reveal Jude has been seen at a Bed and Breakfast in Blackpool.

‘You want how much?’ (Credit: ITV)

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Mary visits the seaside town with friend Roy Cropper to find her wayward son – and he immediately leans on her for £500 to pay for his accommodation.

It also appears Jude – last seen heading for a tram with son George, although he handed the infant over before legging it – has got over Angie as he has a girlfriend on the scene.

Unfortunately for latest love Kelly, Jude is still a massive fibber and has passed himself off as a doctor to his new flame.

He’s later rumbled by Roy after Kelly refers to the former gift shop worked as ‘Dr Ken Barlow’!

Coronation Street Jude appleton
Wonder what job Jude will have next week? (Credit: ITV)

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Mary, however, still wants to see the good in Jude and pays off his debt on the condition he will return with them to Weatherfield.

But as she waits for him in the car, will he scarper again?

While we always hope for a happy ending when it comes to Mary, the chances of Jude turning over a new leaf and dealing with reality seem unlikely – particularly because these scenes are believed to be actor Paddy Wallace’s last on the soap.

Coronation Street SPOILER: Angie Appleton questioned over Jude's disappearance but has he been murdered?
How did Angie ever put up with him? (Credit: ITV)

Back in October he explained he had finished all of his filming commitments as Jude, but teased the much-loathed character would be back sooner than later.

Seemingly referring to this last meeting between Jude and Mary in Blackpool, Paddy teased on This Morning: “I have shot my final scenes. But the tram exit was not my final scenes.”

Pondering the reasons behind Jude’s inability to process reality, Paddy surmised: “I think he has had a really troubled background, having to live on his wits and lies.

Kelly reckons Jude is a surgeon (Credit: ITV)

“He’s done really well but when it starts to turn, he has to grab onto it.

“I think he would love to be a good person but he is very aware of how to manipulate people but it doesn’t work anymore.”

On your way, Jude – you won’t be missed.

Angie and Ken Barlow, here (Credit: ITV)

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