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Corrie SPOILER: Daniel plans a surprise wedding, but will Sinead turn up?

He couldn't have got the timing more wrong

There’s wedding fever in Coronation Street next week with not one, but two weddings being planned.

Steve and Tracy’s wedding plans have been dragging on for months, but it seems like all the talk of getting married has made Daniel realise he wants to make fiancée Sinead his wife sooner rather than later and so he sets about planning a surprise wedding.

Sinead and Daniel’s happiness is about to be crushed (Credit: ITV)

But while he is thinking about cakes and flowers, little does he know his pregnant wife-to-be is harbouring a huge secret.

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Despite telling Daniel that all is fine with the baby, Sinead confides in Beth next week that she is 12 weeks pregnant but has been bleeding for the last four weeks.

Beth urges Sinead to go to the hospital again, and so finally the mum-to-be takes the opportunity to get help at her 12 week scan.

Sinead gets some deviating news (Credit: ITV)

Both Sinead and Daniel are thrilled to see their baby on the screen at the scan, but it’s only after she sends a happy Daniel off on an errand that Sinead tells the sonographer that she has been bleeding for weeks.

Thankfully she is seen by a doctor sharpish, who reveals to a terrified Sinead that they have found a lump on her cervix that needs further investigation.

Warned that the lump could well be cancerous, Sinead is devastated when the doctors reveal she could need chemo and might have to face the prospect of terminating her pregnancy.

But instead of telling Daniel the truth so they can face the future together, the scared mum-to-be keeps quiet.

Daniel is oblivious to the fact Sinead is so unwell (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Daniel gets a letter from his mum but he’s not interested in what she has got to say, telling Sinead that the only things that matter to him are her and their baby.

Instead of taking this moment to tell Daniel the truth about her lump, she keeps quiet, not wanting to shatter his happiness.

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So while Sinead faces going to a biopsy appointment alone, little does she know Daniel is making arrangements for their surprise wedding day.

Will Sinead be happy about her surprise wedding? (Credit: ITV)

Well, this isn’t going to go down well, is it?

On the morning of the wedding, Sinead lies that she has got a dentist appointment, when really she is going to the hospital for tests.

Daniel is none the wiser though, and goes along with her tales, telling her she just needs to be home for that afternoon as they have Steve and Tracy’s wedding.

This isn’t the first health scare Sinead has had while pregnant (Credit: ITV)

But instead of going to that wedding, Daniel has planned their own for the same time, and Sinead is totally in the dark.

Will Sinead make it back in time? And how is she going to feel when she realises she’s actually arriving at her own nuptials only hours after her secret hospital appointment?

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