Former Corrie star Katie McGlynn flies to Hollywood after auditioning for Netflix show

America is calling for the Corrie star

Former Coronation Street star Katie McGlynn is flying out to Hollywood after auditioning for Netflix.

The actress played Sinead Tinker in the soap for seven years before leaving in October last year when Sinead died of cancer.

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Katie’s Corrie character Sinead died of cancer last year (Credit: ITV)

She is now flying out to LA for pilot season in the hopes of landing a major role in America – and she’s already begun auditioning for a big Netflix series.

She told the Daily Star: “It’s going to be an exciting year. I’ve already had so many wonderful auditions.

“One was for a big Netflix show, which would be an amazing opportunity. But I can’t say too much more.

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“I’m also going to LA. I’ve never been before, but I can do a really good American accent.”

Recently, Katie announced she had to pull out of the final week of panto Peter Pan, where she played Tinkerbell, as she had been taken ill.

Speaking on Lorraine last week, Katie revealed what had happened to force her to quit the show.

Katie told host Lorraine Kelly: “Basically I was feeling a bit under the weather, but I just powered through, didn’t think about it.

“I just thought ‘right I have a cold’ and we were doing three shows a day at one point.

“I loved every second of it but I was feeling a bit off and sick and hot and a bit stumbly and I thought ‘this is really weird’. I just felt really spaced out.

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“And then in between shows I fainted and then all of it is a bit of a blur. It was very dramatic.

“There was an ambulance, I don’t remember that, I just remember waking up in A&E in my Tinkerbell costume.”

She added: “The doctor put it down to exhaustion and being ill and I actually had this virus and because I didn’t have any rest I needed bed rest.

“So I had a couple of days bed rest and I was like ‘right I really don’t feel well still, something’s off’ so I went to my own doctor and he said ‘you’ve had this virus you need to have one to two weeks bed rest.'”

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