Corrie fans slam Craig’s ‘stupid decision’ as they predict Lolly will MURDER Rana

Actress Bhavna Limbachia is leaving the soap soon

Coronation Street fans have slammed Craig Tinker and are even suggesting he may end up having some reponsibility for Rana Habeeb’s DEATH.

In last night’s episode Craig showed off his policeman skills by letting evil Lolly into his and Kate’s apartment after she insisted she was allowed in.

Corrie fans slam Craig's stupid decision as they predict Lolly will murder Rana
Is Lolly capable of murdering Rana? (Credit: ITV)

Instead of questioning her, he allowed himself to be distracted by her fake flirting.

“You look nice, are you going out?” she said after he stopped her from getting in.

After letting her in he said: “Remember to lock the door when you leave, and check it. Wouldn’t want some nutter getting in.”

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Too late, Craigy! Once Lolly was inside she found Rana’s dress and shredded it, leaving her devastated when she found it.

But fans don’t think she’s done with just the dress and they blame Craig with one saying: “How the HELL did Craig pass his police training?”

A second said: “Oh Craig you’ve just let Lolly the nutter in but what is she up to? will she destroy Rana’s dress? #Corrie”

Actress Bhavna Limbachia will soon be leaving the soap, and reports claim she is being killed off.

And fans think Lolly is going to try and get even with the couple and kill their happiness by killing Rana.

“I think Lolly will kill Rana on her wedding day,” said one.

A second said: “Bet Lolly is gonna kill Rana #Corrie.”

Corrie fans slam Craig's stupid decision as they predict Lolly will murder Rana
Actress Bhavna will soon leave the soap (Credit: ITV)

Another said: “#Kana theory after new spoilers. After getting a present from Saira. Rana wants her mother at the wedding. She goes to talk to her.

“They arrive & the wedding happens. Lolly watching from a far sees the happy couple & can’t take it. She kills Rana.”

A fourth said: “What if… what if Lolly kills Rana? I’m actually afraid they’d do something like that. #Corrie”

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Next week one ‘heartbreaking’ death has been confirmed as the factory roof collapses onto the striking workers and their allies.

It has not yet been revealed who will die, but could Lolly take advantage of the disaster to kill Rana and get away with it?

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