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Monday 25th May 2020

Corrie fans glad “cruel” Liz and Jim McDonald storyline is over

Liz has discovered the truth about her 'dead daughter'

It was the moment Coronation Street fans have been looking forward to and dreading in equal measure - and it finally happened last night.

In heart-wrenching scenes on Wednesday (10 October), Liz McDonald discovered that Hannah wasn't her dead daughter, after all, but a con artist after her money.

The devastating blow was doubled as the love of her life, Jim McDonald, was in on the scam too.

Liz got the shock of her life (Credit: ITV)

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Liz found out the horrifying betrayal when she walked in on her ex-husband and her 'daughter' kissing at Steve and Tracy's wedding...

Guessing correctly that Jim was still in love with Liz, Hannah had arranged it so that Liz caught them both sharing a passionate kiss.

Caught in the act, Jim was then forced to come clean about the entire scam.

You tell him, Liz! (Credit: ITV)

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In dramatic scenes that followed, Jim begged for forgiveness, insisting he loved her, as a vengeful Liz unleashed her fury - pushing Jim to the ground and shouting: "It revolts me to be loved by a creature like you."

Finally the end of this Hannah stuff very cruel on Liz #corrie.

Go Liz!

Many watchers were thrilled that Jim got his comeuppance, and many more were relieved that the controversial and "cruel" storyline had come to an end.

One said: "Finally the end of this Hannah stuff very cruel on Liz #corrie."

Another applauded Beverley Callard for her portrayal of Liz, typing: "Outstanding performance tonight @Beverleycallard. You’ve made the cruelest storyline work."

A third added: "Jim and Hannah have been caught finally! Feel so sorry for Liz though!"

One thrilled fan said the "episode would go down in history".

It looked like Liz and Jim might be getting back together... (Credit: ITV)

Others called for Liz to "finish Jim off"!

The storyline has upset viewers from the very beginning, when it was announced that Jim and Liz's daughter would be 'resurrected' for the storyline.

Katie died just hours after being born in heartbreaking scenes in 1992.

Hannah discovered their secret, posed as their dead daughter and claimed she'd been swapped at birth in a hospital mix-up.

Hannah would be pretty stupid to show her face in Weatherfield again... But is this the last we'll ever see of Jim? We doubt it!

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