Lewis Archer dead Corrie

Did Corrie’s Lewis Archer fake his own death? Fans believe so!

Is the conman REALLY dead?

Coronation Street scriptwriters dealt Audrey Roberts a cruel blow last night, when she found her partner Lewis Archer dead.

In shocking scenes on New Year’s Day, shady conman Lewis was killed off suddenly – leaving Audrey devastated and fans very suspicious!

Lewis Archer killed off
Is this for real? Or a cunning plan? (Credit: ITV)

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In fact, many smell “something fishy” and believe foul play is afoot.

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time Lewis had tricked poor Audrey!

But could the serial liar really have faked his own death 20 years since Audrey lost her beloved husband Alf?

Audrey was horrified to discover Lewis’ lifeless body (Credit: ITV)

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After refusing to believe her daughter Gail’s theories about Lewis, Audrey put her faith in her partner and agreed to trust that he’d turned over a new leaf.

Gail had been warning her mum that the conman was about to rip her off yet again, after catching him at a hotel with a mystery woman (and who could forget Gail’s amazing impression of Lewis).

However, the salon owner decided to believe the lovable cad’s protests that he would never do that to her.

Audrey waited for Lewis at the restaurant but he didn’t show (Credit: ITV)

But then we watched as Audrey sat alone in the Bistro waiting for Lewis, while he packed a case at home and grabbed his passport.

When Lewis failed to show, Audrey headed home and found Lewis slumped on the bedroom floor, apparently dead – and, in his hand, was an engagement ring…

Holding his lifeless body in her arms, Audrey sobbed: “Oh my goodness Lewis. Come on love. Can you hear me?”

In a sad twist, Audrey then blamed her daughter for causing Lewis stress and banished her from the house.

Lewis had been spotted with a mysterious woman just hours before (Credit: ITV)

So is Lewis really dead? Or is this THE most elaborate scam yet?

Fans aren’t convinced he’s gone, with one saying: “When I expected Audrey to find Lewis gone, I didn’t think gone as in dead? Too convenient. Something fishy…”

Another said: “Wait has Lewis faked his own death or?”

A third simply wrote: “LEWIS ISN’T DEAD I CALL IT.”



Many others complained of being left with too many questions, with one writing: “This doesn’t feel like closure on the Lewis storyline.

“So he was really ill then?? And he wasn’t trying to rip her off?? Who was the mystery woman he went into the hotel room with then?”

Others felt it wasn’t a fitting end to such a lovable rascal, and many more simply said they would “miss” the character.

Lewis, played by Nigel Havers, first appeared in Coronation Street in 2009.

He had an on-off relationship with Audrey, but broke her heart after stealing from Barlow’s Bookies and fleeing the country.

However, he returned in 2012, and reunited with Audrey after paying back the money he stole and claiming to be a changed man (again).

In a shock twist, disapproving Gail began a secret affair with Lewis herself after he promised her they’d move to Italy to start a new life.

But instead he duped her, stealing £40,000 from her bank account and doing a runner once again.

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