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Monday 13th July 2020

Coronavirus Crisis: Neighbours' Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne banned from UK

They weren't permitted to travel

Stars Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne from Neighbours have been banned from travelling to the UK over the Coronavirus pandemic.

The two actors - who play Karl and Susan Kennedy on the Channel 5 Australian-based soap - were due to fly to the UK to help promote the show's 35th anniversary, but have been stopped due to fears regarding the coronavirus outbreak and related insurance concerns.

Neighbours legends Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne have appeared on Good Morning Britain via video link (Credit: Channel 5)

We're just so sad we can't be with you in person. We're all very disappointed but it's not a time to second guess the experts.

Instead, the two stars appeared on this morning's Good Morning Britain via a video link.

Alan said: "There have been some travel restrictions, from insurance really. We just have to be cautious."

Jackie then added: "We're just so sad we can't be with you in person. We're all very disappointed but it's not a time to second guess the experts."

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The on-screen couple was set to take part in a live celebration of the soap's landmark anniversary - where fans are set to see three shock deaths and five weddings play out.

There are set to be five late-night episodes that Jackie has described as being "sexy Neighbours".

Karl and Susan are two of Neighbours' longest-serving characters (Credit: Channel 5)

She said: "The great thing about the story is apart from the five episodes are dramatic that it doesn't get wound up and the aftermath is just as dramatic. There are lots of ups and downs to come."

Coronavirus has now infected over 500 people and sadly claimed 10 lives in the UK.

Yesterday, after an emergency Cobra meeting, Boris Johnson moved the UK into the 'delay' phase of his battle plan for managing the pandemic.

The UK Government has said that anyone with a mild cough and temperature should stay at home for at least seven days to help limit the potential spread of the virus.

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Experts also explained that up to 10,000 people in the UK could currently have the virus and won't realise it.

In the coming months, Neighbours fans will see Karl and Susan leave their home on Ramsay Street as part of a new storyline in which they head off abroad in search of a new life.

Alan and Jackie were due to be in the UK this weekend (Credit: Channel 5)

Karl and Susan are two of Neighbours' longest-serving characters, with the couple having been at the centre of a range of dramatic storylines over the years.

It has not been confirmed how long they will be gone for and if they will be coming back after their adventures.

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