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Monday 1st June 2020

Coronation Street's Evelyn 'murdered by Jade' when she discovers her real identity?

She's definitely on to her...

Viewers of Coronation Street think Jade Rowan is up to something, and suspect she is keeping an explosive secret.

The care worker who is currently living with Tyrone Dobbs and Weatherfield battleaxe Evelyn Plummer has been acting shiftily ever since she arrived in September - but why?

Evelyn is SO on to you Jade! (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers have long suspected that she's John Stape's secret relative and is even capable of murder like the former Corrie killer.

And now fans have suggested that Evelyn could be in grave danger when she discovers Jade's real motives - and she will!

Ever since Jade, played by Lottie Henshall, moved into Fiz and Tyrone's home to help tutor Hope, it's been clear all is not what it seems.

Does Jade fancy Tyrone? (Credit: ITV)

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Is she out to steal Tyrone from Fiz? Or are her motives far more sinister?

One predicts Jade will KILL Evelyn when her secret comes to light.

I think Evelyn will save Fiz and Jade will kill her instead.

Writing on Twitter, they said: "I think Evelyn will save Fiz and Jade will kill her instead."

Another said: "Never thought I would say this, but I hope Jade doesn't do away with Evelyn! #Corrie."

A third added: "Evelyn IS soooooooooooo on to Jade #TheSecretSnape?? #Corrie."

"Well done Evelyn, you're not silly. Jade is up to something #Corrie," wrote another.

Could Jade really end up killing off Evelyn as she tries to take over Fiz's family?

And why the obsession with Tyrone and Fiz in the first place? Is she a secret Stape as so many viewers predict?

Click here for the top five theories about Jade's identity.

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