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Coronation Street’s Chesney and Gemma struggling – here’s what they could get in benefits

Chesney and Gemma could be entitled to a lot of money

Coronation Street character Chesney Brown and Gemma Winter have five children between them.

Recently the couple have been struggling financially, but how much do the couple earn and how much money would they be eligible for from the government?

How much benefits do Chesney and Gemma get in Coronation Street?

According to the website the child benefit rate for the oldest (or only) child is £21.15 a week.

For additional children you get £14 per child.

As Gemma and Chesney have five children between them, each week they would receive £77.15 for all of their kids. So every four weeks, that would be £308.60.

Chesney and Gemma have five children (Credit: ITV)

They could also be eligible for universal credit. This is different depending on how much money you earn and your living situation and how many kids you have.

As we don’t know for sure how much Gemma and Chesney bring in, it would be hard to give an accurate number or to say if they’re even eligible for universal credit.

If they were eligible, they would receive £282.50 each month for Joseph, as he was born before April 6 2017.

For the quads they would receive 237.08 per child. However as Aled is deaf, they could also be entitled to £128.89.

Gemma and Chesney would receive child benefits (Credit: ITV)

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If you have a disabled child or a severely disabled child, you can get either £128.89 a month or £402.41.

If you need help with childcare costs, you can get up to 85% of your costs which is up to £646.35 for one child or £1,108.04 for 2 or more children.

So say for example, they are entitled to universal credit, they would receive approximately £1230.82 for Joseph and the quads each month.

Adding the £308.60 that they get each month for child benefits, altogether that would be £1539.42.

How much do Gemma and Chesney earn from work?

Coronation Street star Sam Aston as Chesney Brown
Chesney works at the kebab shop (Credit: ITV)

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It is also worth noting that both Gemma and Chesney and Bernie all work.

Chesney and Bernie both work at Dev’s kebab shop Primer Doner. It is unknown what they earn but it’s believed they both work full time.

Gemma has also been known to work at Primer Doner and behind the bar of the Rovers, however with having 5 kids, it’s believed she would be on casual or part time hours.

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