Coronation Street’s Charlie de Melo defends Imran Habeeb love triangle

More a "love mouse" than a "rat"?

Coronation Street’s Imran Habeeb is about to embark on a tricky love triangle…

The ambitious lawyer is already romantically entwined with Leanne Battersby, but will soon develop feelings for her SISTER Toyah, too.

He’ll be lucky to make it out alive when they find out, that’s all we’re saying!

Leanne falls for Imran’s charms (Credit: ITV)

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But, despite Imran two-timing the siblings, actor Charlie de Melo insists his character isn’t a love rat.

In fact, he has defended his alter-ego joking that he’s more of a “love mouse”.

But, hang on, surely sleeping with both sisters in one week isn’t defensible?!

Charlie told Radio Times: “He’s not set out to have his cake and eat it, but at the same time that is how things have happened.

“But it’s all miscommunication – Imran assumes they are both OK with it, which is naive to the point of stupidity. But he thinks he’s hit the jackpot.”

Toyah wants some “no-strings” action with the lawyer (Credit: ITV)

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The actor also admits that Imran “starts to grow a real fondness for Leanne […] that is the point that Toyah comes in and shakes things up”.

He insists: “He is not a love-rat – that was something I was keen to avoid because there is not that mean-spirited, nastiness and menace to what he is doing.

“He’s stumbled into this situation as a result of being intentionally naive and is in a position where he just can’t believe his luck.

“But at the same time, that naivety and behaviour can still be hurtful to other people.”

Yes, okay, he’s super handsome! (Credit: ITV)

Next week, Imran is offered a “no-strings” relationship with both women and jumps at the chance – getting intimate with BOTH sisters within days, without the other knowing. Ewwww.

The actor, who is dating former co-star Nicola Thorp in real life, even joked on Twitter that his character is more of a “love mouse as I’ve taken to calling it”.

Whichever rodent he identifies with, Toyah and Leanne will be the exterminators when they discover what he’s been up to!

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