Underage Amy Barlow’s baby at centre of vicious custody battle in Corrie

She''ll become a mum next year

We revealed last month that Coronation Street’s Amy Barlow will discover she is pregnant in a shocking new year plot.

It appears the 14-year-old will get herself in the family way after growing way, way too close to local thug Tyler.

Mum Tracy hits the roof when she finds out, after dad Steve discovers a pregnancy testing kit.

Coronation Street viewers in hysterics over Tracy Barlow's homesick kidney
Tracy hits the roof when she finds out (Credit: ITV)

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Initially Amy agrees to an abortion but seemingly changes her mind.

When the baby arrives, she really struggles to adapt to motherhood and doesn’t want to keep the tot.

According to The Sun this will give rise to a vicious custody battle between Tracy and the father’s family.

Tyler’s the last person welcome in the Barlow clan (Credit: ITV)

Their source claims: “It’s not long after giving birth that Amy decides she doesn’t want to be responsible for the baby. It’s tougher than she ever thought it could be.

“Although it’s hard she decides to put the tot up for adoption.

“When she talks to Tracy and Steve about it, they decide they should keep the baby in the family and bring her up as their own.”

Tracy and Steve with Amy as a baby (Credit: Shutterstock)

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Teen tearaway Tyler first appeared in Weatherfield earlier this year, and made an enemy of the Barlow clan after terrorising former friend Simon.

He poisoned Ken’s dog, Eccles, and shot Peter with a paintball gun.

Carla then unwittingly gave his mum, Vicky, a job at Underworld, making them both more permanent characters.

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